Got what I wanted. Now regret it.

I a 20 year old pre-OP male to female transexual. I have only been with one guy when I was 16 and started my hormones treatment. He had s** with me 3 times. And nothing since then.

Last weekend I worked up the nerve, and made a date with 7 guys for s**. I thought it would be wonderful and so sexy. I wanted them to kiss me a and hold me.

In the end I was used by them all weekend, they didn't care about me and just f***** me. None of them would even kiss me. They forced me to suck them and swallow.

On Sunday night they left me naked and crying on the bed in the hotel room. My ass still hurts so much, I wanted to be made love to by multiple men. But I was simply raped by them. I invited them and they took what they wanted.

I'm going to be a girl I want a man to make love to me and love me.

I messed up so bad. I just want to be loved and not a s** object.

Nov 6, 2019

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  • In your dreams. That post is a total lie.

  • Experience teaches. A horrible experience teaches a lot more. Take what you have learned and move forward. You are young and you can heal. Sometimes I think young transexuals are bombarded with images, videos and writings that make it look like it is all f***, f***, suck, suck, submit, be a hot slave girl, etc., etc., Take a deep look at yourself and reconcile your feelings as you go through this process. Tone down the h**** fantasies and wait for someone tender and understanding. You have a long life ahead to fulfill your sexuality in a positive and loving way. Forgive yourself for the situation you were in. Remember you are a human being and, by that fact alone, you are worthy of respect.

  • Darling, take no notice of the posts by ignorant bigots, just think for a moment; why were they reading your post in the first place? Its because they are weirdo's and need to be avoided!!!
    Pursue your feminine feelings, but be patient, don't transition just because you think it will make you more desirable, it could make you look like a "b**** b****"!! You are young enough to become a lovely she-male, with all the glamour of a female but with the attributes of a male that many men (particularly older men) desire.
    You will find someone who will love you and cherish you, fulfil your sexual desires and you will love returning the affection to him.
    I have three married lovers who adore me and I know I give them something that their wives cannot or will not provide.
    Good luck and enjoy.

  • "Darling," the fact that you lump in Real Talkers along with actual bigots speaks far more to your incapacity to be rational than anything. Keep talking about matters no one can check you on, you're only adding to the "trannys have more mental issues than they will ever admit" stereotype. Good luck and enjoy ;)

  • Ha that’s great I feel the same as U.U know one can do a lot by doing just this and instead of the regret later πŸ’‹πŸ’•

  • Hahahah f****** delusional trannies. dont worry OP, youll be with your other 40 percent of friends in the afterlife very soon

  • How is that f****** rape u consented to getting f***** then for p***** because u wanted love not getting what u literally f****** asked for. Before I get mad at me people like u are dangerous and trivialize the trauma that ACTUAL rape victims go through

  • ^This. Thank you!
    Bio guys, including those who think they want to be girls, think it's simple to be one. They think all it takes is growing their hair long, wearing a dress and looking like they've got cleavage. The modern age being what it is, the package now also includes crying "rape" when things merely don't work out the way they wanted.
    Trannies are all about appearances and being special, and don't give much real thought to the gender they're so convinced they really are. I wonder why SJWs don't doxx them for "gender appropriation"? Oh that's right, double standards. I keep forgetting.

  • I would treasure the entire time you and I would spend together. I would make love to you, kissing and caressing your whole body. Licking every inch of your sexy body. Mmmmm... what fun it would be for both of us.

  • P.S. Call me!
    - Richard Simmons

  • I hate to say it, but women are generally nicer.

  • It's painful to my sense of disbelief, but I'll treat this like it's true...

    From one DUDE to another: if you want to be loved and not a s** object, then uhhh maybe don't hook up with *seven guys at the same time*. That's a beyond-idiot move no matter what gender you are, and as a DUDE you already know how DUDE minds work. Wtf were you expecting with a setup like that, soft candlelight and champagne kisses?! Get your brain worked on instead of your junk.

  • Youre trying to reason with a mentally ill homosexual

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