My fantasy

I want to have s** with a real horse

Nov 9, 2019

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  • My wife was raised on a small ranch, she has been riding horses all her life. My wife introduced me to horse backriding and takes me out when we visit her parents. My wife is very sexual and kinky minded. One night I was being dirty and asked her if she ever sucked a horse's c***, or thought about f****** a big horse c***. I didn't expect her reply at all. She told me that she sucked lots of horse c***, when she goes horseback riding alone, she rides to her spot and f**** her horse. I asked her if I could come along next time, we go horseback riding a couple times a month after she told me about secret. Then she told me another secret I promised to keep. Her mother also has s** with horses.

  • When I was 14-17 I regularly had s** with my horse. She was a large black mare - I would put her in the cattle run and use the railing to get high enough. it was very satisfying as the muscles in her v***** gripped really well. It didnt seem to bother her she would always just backwards at me as if to say wtf are your doing. I came in that horse so many times. Only one time a girl I was dating who I told it to asked to watch.

  • Hmu

  • So you email?

  • If you a female, first try with your pet dog.

  • Pretty f****** weird. You’re dirty

  • So do I. I've done it with a friends dog but I've never tried a horse.

  • I’ve done it with many dogs, a cow or two, and played with horses

  • If you're a girl, I want to watch and coach you through it

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