Telling my girlfriend

I told my girlfriend that I liked dressing up as a girl & I wanted to go out in public as a girl. She didn't seem to like the idea too much but said she would help me. She said we would do it around Halloween because it wouldn't be too weird. The weekend before haloween we got a cheap motel room & I started getting ready. I shaved my entire body, my girlfriend polished my toe nails dark red, she gave me a pair of pink satin panties to wear, she glued fake b****** to my chest then had me put on a matching pink satin bra. She then put a waist cincher on me then had me put on a pair of suntan pantyhose, next came a black, belted mini skirt with a white, silk, long sleeve blouse that buttoned up the back. She gave me a pair of black, four inch, open toed high heels to wear then sat me down to do my makeup. She said she had a surprise for me when I heard a knock on the door, it was her friend Donna, she was going to help with my hair & makeup. They put my shoulder length hair up in a bun then did my makeup. When they were done, they handed me a black jacket to wear & a black handbag to carry filled with my makeup, nail polish, perfume & keys. We went out to the car & they drove me to a nail salon, we went in & I had long acrylic nails applied then polished dark red to match my toes. They then took me to a beauty parlor where they removed my makeup & began doing it over. They glued false eyelashes on me & coated them heavily with long lasting very black mascara, then they plucked my eyebrows to thin highly arched lines, next they pierced both of my ears & put large black hoop earrings in the new holes. Lastly they worked on my hair, they put some really stinky stuff on my hair then rolled my hair & sat me under a dryer. About two hours latter they said they were done & I could now look at myself. They walked me to a full length mirror & I didn't believe my eyes, I now had blond hair, super thin eyebrows, earrings swinging from my pierced ears & perfect makeup, I looked like a beautiful woman. I asked the girls how long my hair would stay blond & how long before the nails came off, they just laughed at me & said I would be living as a girl for at least two months. We got in the car & went to the mall where the girls were getting a kick out of watching all the guys checking me out. Donna asked me if I liked the idea of being a girl for two months, & I told her I could learn to love it. As we walked thru the mall I seen an earring store, I asked the girls if they would mind if I stopped & got more piercings in my ears, they loved the idea & even paid for me to have my belly button pierced. We went to all of the dress stores trying on dress & the shoe stores, I fell in love with a pair of heels but couldn't afford them. The girls said they would buy me the heels if I could meet a guy & make out with him, I told them it was a deal. It didn't take long before a guy came over to talk to me. I flirted with him & soon we were walking thru the mall holding hands, the girls were following close behind us. We turned down the hallway towards the restrooms, Brad pushed me up against the wall, I put my arms around his neck & began kissing him. The girls walked by us as we kissed, Brad began to push his crotch into my crotch, I could feel him getting hard so I lowered my hand to his crotch & began rubbing his c*** thru his pants. The girls were sitting on a bench outside the rest room in clear view of me & Brad. I looked over at the girls to make sure they were watching then slid my hand down Brads pants grabbing his c*** & giving him a hand job. The girls looked totally surprised, I looked at them & smiled then I undid Brads pants & pulled out his c***. I squatted down in front of him & took his c*** in my mouth. I slid his c*** in & out of my mouth slowly enjoying the taste & the feeling of having a man in my mouth. As I eased him out of my mouth he pleaded with me not to stop, he said he was ready to c** now. I looked up at him locking my eyes with his & slowly took his c*** back in my mouth. Brad grabbed my head & started f****** my face, on about his sixth thrust he exploded in my mouth, I grabbed his ass cheeks pulling his crotch into my mouth I didn't want to lose any of his warm, yummy c**. I swallowed every drop then cleaned his d*** off like a good little c** s*** should. I stood up & kissed Cliff, he put his c*** away & zipped up his pants, he then thanked me & kissed me good by & walked back towards the mall. The girls ran over to me saying they didn't believe I just gave a guy a b*******, I then told them that I have wanted to be a girl my whole life & I have always wanted to have s** with men, I then asked them if they would help me get female hormones so that I could have my own real breast & start living full time as Joanne. They said they would help me in any way they could, we then went back to Donnas house where the girls took tons of pictures of me & made a profile for me on a dating site. God I love being a girl

Nov 9, 2019

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  • The sad thing is... I believe the beginning of this, but from the acrylic nails, and the mall on... PURE FANTASY! I know, because I lived that life! I told my wife I was trans 4 yrs after we were married, and began dressing at home, as long as I didn’t go outside, she was ok with it. Soon I wanted to go out. I was VERY passable and wanted to be seen. My wife agreed that I could go out, but only for Halloween. She did my hair and my make-up. I looked AMAZING! Guys bought us a lot of drinks, I truly felt like the woman I should have been. But don’t I believe for ONE second that a your GF (who didn’t want you to go outside), would be ok w/ you blowing a stranger, ESPECIALLY in front of her friend? She would be humiliated! Also, acrylics CAN come off, or just file down! Also why would your hair not change for TWO MONTHS? I wish you realized just how much you insult trans people when you describe the “woman you were meant to be”.. as nothing more than a cheap s***! My biggest fear during the years I could pass as a woman at Halloween, was if a guy who came on to me found out I was male, they could have beat the crap out of me, or possibly killed me! I got so many sexual propositions. But that just made me realize how inappropriate men are with women they just met & I didn’t want to get murdered in a hate crime! So grow up! I’m sure there are lots of things you’ve done that you could “confess” honestly, but this is almost entirely bull$hit! During the decade I spent one or two weekends a year living as a woman, I learned just how scary it can be, actually being a woman. Realizing that when a guy buys you a drink, he often EXPECTS s**. The last time I dressed for Halloween, the guy who bought me drinks all night, followed me to my car (with 3 of his friends), My man voice, and my Glock (in my car) stopped them. I was almost raped b/c I turned him down, imagine if I blew him! Grow-up, your “story” is insulting to ppl w/brains, & to the violence actual trans-people face!

  • You are the kind of woman I have always wanted in my life. We would be lovers forever I'm sure.

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