My first time

Im 13 i was walking home from school win i stop to wake thrue the park thar a guy i had the hots for he always run there he was about 35 i found him and cout up to him and started talking to him he seems to be in to me so i started hitting on him he stopped an kisses me we wint to his car we parked some whare privet we started kissing i climbed on top of him he started fingering me squirted all over him and i slid up linded up with his big d*** and slid down his 8 in rod it hurt so bad win it popped my chary but i continue because i don't won't him to know it was my first time i rode him 20 minutes until he cam deep in me i kiss him he asked me if i wonted to go out for lunch tomorrow i told him i couldn't i had school he asked how old i was i told him 13 he looked shocked i kisses him again i feel hem getting hard again so i rode him again he cam deep in me a again he kissed me again and told me he would pick me up after school we have bin going on dates ending in s** every day sense thin over the weekend i show him off to my mom she was mad about his age but thin told me not to mess up she will be there to take him Frome me i love him but now i don't know how to tell him im pregnant

Nov 14, 2019

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  • Bad spelling doesn't make you sound young

  • Illiterate troll.

  • "babies makin' babies"

  • Dude, your stories are much too obvious.

  • The end , not so good , the s** ! Good ! I'm sorry but it would be hard to turn a young hot girl down . I had chances to mess with young girls , who I know wanted me too . I still dream of them . I would have done the same though , if I did you once , you telling me how young , I would have came like mad too! SORRY! But the s** was hot !!

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