Involved In A Love Triangle :/

Im a girl. 14. My best friend, Hannah and Amelia, are both lesbian and a couple. both 14. Im bisexual. So to figure out if I was bisexual Hannah let Amelia kiss me since Amelia is my best friend. So me and Amelia kissed and then we started kissing secretly in the bathroom at school, and after school alone. Hannah doesnt know. it stopped after a while and then i was informed I had to move away. out of state. So I moved like 2 weeks ago. One day me and Amelia were texting and we were talking about it and then over time we started kissing over texts. like, for example:
Me: *kisses you with passion*
Amelia: *wraps arms around ur waist*
Then recently we started getting more steamy with texts like:
Amelia: *slides your shirt off* *kisses you*
Me: *moans*
Well dont forget that Hannah and Amelia are still in a relationship. Hannah doesnt know remember. So we skype all 3 of us and Amelia and Hannah of course flirt all the time and it hurts me. Jealousy rages inside me. But i cant show it. and its sad. What im really asking you people is what I should do, and how I should feel? I wanna keep up this affair but I know if Hannah found would be bad. So please...Give me any advice. I need it desperatly.



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  • Oh, the angst that are high school relationships.

  • You're jealous because you have developed romantic feelings for Amelia. In light of your age and the distance between you guys, it maybe be best to end things on the flirting level. You're all 14 and you will have many opportunities to meet other girls and other boys at your new school. The friendships with both of these girls sounds like it is becoming more and more confusing and complicated. And you both aren't being honest with the Hannah, NO ONE wants to be cheated on. 3 is always a tough number, but the fact that you're engaging in this behavior..someone or all of you are bound to get hurt. Remain friends for now. Perhaps in the future, you and Amelia may find yourselves in a relationship. But for now...she's with Hannah, respect that.
    If you hadn't had moved, a different type of conversation could occur..but still it will all be at the risk of the 3 of you not all being friends.

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