My girlfriend cheated with a black guy, and I wanted it to happen

My gf of just over 2 years now, we love each other. Hit it off quick. She's very attractive 6 ft, 160, long auburn hair, cute smile, curvy. Well the first time we went to have s**, I balked bc a girl that good looking has seen some big ones, even though she said not really. I'll admit my d**** tiny. I mean I've been told by girls before that they didn't know grown men could have baby sized d****. It actually turns me on, I like wearing panties, basically came out as trans a few months ago, which she's fine with. I was different for her as far as s** goes, but overall I treated her better than any guy. Her friends n sis were glad I was w her bc she had been thru alot of abuse, but learned to trust me, then love me. I told her I was no orally, she also was bi. I told her bout me wearing panties, she liked it, then said I wanted to be female, n she pushed for me to come out. We had s**, she's get off if on top, or if we used toys. She didn't want to hurt my feelings by saying the truth. But I knew. Well Every time we would watch p****, she liked white girls w bbc. Ameatur mostly. She said she'd never do it, but it was hot. I had my doubts, but let it go. Then I had a few times I met her at the local mall, n almost everyti.e a black guy was talking to her. Well last summer, the house she stayed In, the owner rented rooms. Her roommate had her 19 yo grandson for tghe summer. He was mixed, decent looking, w a bunch of white girls w him. She was 34. Well after a few weeks of him there, I go see her n she says he had asked her where he could get some head. I thought it odd she d tell me, or he asked her. I asked her if, she says no. Then she's driving him round, then his shorts are in her room, she's washing his clothes. Him not dumb. So we get high one day n start filling Round. I bring up him, n say it's okay, I get it yr impressed bc he s young n thinks yr hot, you got high and wanted to try, n I know his d*** is big by the girls round. She pulls out her cell phone n shows pics of her blowing him, f******, etc. His d*** is over double my size. She's shaved n him in her stretched out was so hot. I told her I loved it, she was like really? I said yeah, I know my p**** is tiny, she kinda said no, I said yr not going to hurt me, I like to be humiliated. We had kinda played before like that. Well she brings him down, we smoke, she makes me get in her undies, pink boyshort w lace n flowers, n just my shirt. She starts by blowing him. His d*** was about 9 inches, thick w a mocha color, he pulls her up, kissing her, bends her over n f**** her. Her moans were so hot, they switched positions, and she eventually made me lay down w my head at her v*****, saying watch a real man f*** me. She is saying that my c*** is small, n she's going to tell her friends, well he comes in her, she has a marina or however it's spelled, so she can't get pregnant(not that I'd mind), but she kisses him n says she's got to finish w me. I cleaned her up, n came as she told her friends bout cheating on me bc my c*** is so tiny. I seen her actually do it. She took her fingers n made my clean my c** off them. She has since threw out all my boxers, I wear panties, she cuckolded me, she has got a queen of spades on her ankle has taught me how to deep throat, n supported me into transitioning. We always make sure things are okay w the other and love each other. This happened in may 16. She put me in chastity, we picked a device, then she went to jail for 6 months, we didn't live together, so I had no keys, when she came home, between hrt therapy n being caged, my p**** lost almost double it's size, it was 2 inches hard, she felt so bad, n didn't want to do anything crazy, but I eventually convinced her that it's okay, cause I might have it changed one day, plus the humiliation is great. She says I look like I've got a v***** now when I'm In panties. She loves doing my makeup, hair, shopping. She still holds my hand and kisses me. This isn't for everyone, but it works for us. There's a vid on youporn, look up white girl makes black c*** c**. It's the first video. She's on top. I taped this in may 16.

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  • Speak f****** English for Christ sake.

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