Young girl at Walmart

I was setting in my car at Walmart dreading going in win i seen a younger girl waking from the the apartment's down the street she was younger but so sexy wearing miny skirt and a belly shurt as she walked past my car i asked her if she wanted to make 20 bucks she stop smiled and asked what she had to do i sed s** she said ok we wint into the store she followed me in to the family restroom i picked her up and kissed her and sat her on the changing table she smiled and ask me how to have s** so i start rubbing her p**** as i explained to her how s** worked and what s** was fore thin i ask her if she still wants to she smiled and start taking off her shirt i kiss her thin help her off the table so we could strip after i got naked i truned around to see her she was so sexy she had little nipples that had started to push out so but harden from b**** yet and her p**** was a little slit with no hare and it was so shine from her being wet i lifted her up and kisses her i lined up my d*** and started it in her i was slowly moving in and out just bearly in the hole she started to Mone i told her it will be panful for a minute she said ok sill holding her i moved her up to a wall i asked he how old she was as she said 8 i pushed in her yousing the wall to get my d*** all the way in i once i was all the way in i looked down at her she was smiling up at me with tears running down her checks i gave her a second to breath thin i started humping she was really in to it i could feel her Neal's dig into my bank as she was holding me tight she almost instantly had her first o***** as we f***** she had 5 o****** before i cam in her i sat her back down on the changing table and kisses her some more she was so sexy i got h**** again will kissing her so i slid her to the edge of the table and push my d*** in again and we was f****** again we was at it for 20 minutes i was looking right in her cute little blue eye as she wint into a big o****** i could feel her squatting around my d*** witch made me c** we stop to catch ower breath after we finish i help her down i seen the puddle of ower c** on the table i left it there she asked if we could do it again so we talked and found out she lives down the street from me she said she will come over after school for some more i kissed he and gave her a 50 now i can wait for her to come by tomorrow

Dec 10, 2019

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  • Not if retarded or dropped out of kindergarten.

  • Did you even go to school? Seriously; anything erotic about this is lost because of your illiteracy.

  • You can't spell for s***.

  • Possibly 18

  • Nah once they get hair on it they are too old

  • 8 is a lovely age

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