Intimate with My friends daughter

I’ve been going to my friends house on the weekends with other friends to bbq and drink up and I’ve been staying there for the past two months now. My friend has a 15 year old daughter who’ve I’ve been getting intimate with almost every weekend. One of my best friend who would always go there also started telling me about things about the 15 year old girl. He showed me msgs from her to him and nudes she would send him. After that, every time I was around her all I could imagine was her naked. One night my friend asked me to stay the night in the guest room which was connected to his daughters room and there was a door that connected both rooms. When I went into the guest room I closed the door and I saw the other door was cracked open so I decided to peek. I saw the daughter sitting on my other friends lap and he had his hand down her underwear. I watched them for a bit and I was hard as f*** wishing it was me. I sent him a txt saying they wer looking for him outside so he got up and left. He ended up leaving. Towards the middle of the night she went into the shower which was in her room. When I heard her get in the shower I peeked and noticed the bathroom door open and krept inside. I saw her in the shower wet and naked so I took a few pictures. I saw her underwear she took off on the floor and picked them up. While I walked towards the guest room I saw her hamper with dirty clothes and went through it pulling out her panties and I tossed them on the floor so she noticed them. I went into the other room and all I wanted to do was j******* To the underwear I grabbed from the bathroom. I took off my clothes and layed naked on the bed j********** sniffing her panties wanting her to walk in. When she did, she turned on the light and saw me stroking and I tried covering my d*** with her underwear and I kept saying I was sorry for her not to say anything. She went back into her room and closed the door. About half an hour later she walked in and handed me a note. It said, she wasn’t going to say anything. She wrote that she didn’t know why but she liked that I grabbed her underwear to do what I was doing but she asked me why? And since when did I have thoughts about her like that, she wrote down her number and said for me to txt her back. I was honest with her and told her how my friend showed me everything and I wanted her. We started going back and forth with naughty msgs until I asked her to come in. She took a few but came in wearing a tiny night gown and you could tell she had no bra. When she sat next to me I asked her if I can touch her and she let me. I untied her gown and her nice perky t*** popped out and at that point I knew she would let me do anything. I pulled down my boxers and she saw how hard I was. She started with her hand stroking it slowly while I put my hand down her underwear. She let out a gasp when I put my finger inside her. While I had her turned on she confessed that she lost her virginity to my friend and she’s been intimate with him for a while now. I got up and layed her on the bed and pulled her underwear down. I spread her legs open and licked her tiny Shaved p****. While she was moaning I told her I wanted her to let me get inside her and she said yes baby. I got in between her legs and went inside. Guys, her p**** felt so tight I was doing her slowly so she felt my hard d*** Moving inside her. I felt the way she came all over me. I asked her to get on top after. When she did I left her in control and she rode me hard. The way she was hopping on my d*** and holding her mouth trying not to moan loud. When I was about to c** I told her so she hopped off but she didn’t stop and I came inside her. When she felt my c** she laughed and went to her room closing the door behind her. The next day, we decided to go to the lake and her dads truck was full of stuff so he asked me if his daughter can ride with me and I said yes. They took off before us and when we left his daughter started grabbing my c***, she pulled it out while I was driving and was playing with it until she asked me to park somewhere. I went into an abandoned building and layed back. Once she wrapped her lips around it I started pulling down her underwear to finger her. Till this day we party at her parents house and they let me stay for the weekend and all we do is have s** through the nights

Aug 1, 2020

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