Sister got me her for my birthday

It was my 17 birthday party it was a pool party and i had fue friend over i was many hanging out with my friend carly ho was 18 and i won't her she was sexy i talked her in to senking off with me so we wint to this van we had at Uther end of ower place it was out of site we got in the back if she was about 150 lbs with dd tites and a cute face i started fingering her it was not her first time but she had only dune it once before once she was wet i started on he dogey stile it felt great she screening all a suden she asked me to stop so i did she asked if she could be on top so i layed down and she climbed on top and started to ride me i seen her b**** and grabbed one and started sucking on her nipples she leen in on me layed thar she wishes she was not really yet she lay thar and we made out for a little bit after we had mad out for about 15 minutes she sead she was ready seat up and began to ride me hard after a fue minutes i sead to stop im about to c** she locked on with her armes and legs and start rocking harder i feet sever shots of c** spray deep in her she leaned in and kiss me and sead to me that she sead she was ready i look up to see my younger sister looking in the window as she darts off so i layed thar with Carlty for a while after we rejoin the party i notesed my sister running around in skimpy bathing suits as the party started to diy down carly came up to me kiss me and asked if we could do it again i sead yeas an wint to leave with her and my sister stopped us and told us that she would tell ower parents what me and carly had dun if carly didn't leave So i kiss her and she left after the party was over i wint to my sister room to confront he about what she had did i beet on the door and she seed com in i opened the and she was sitting on her beed in her skimpy bathing suits on the top was lifted up showing her b cup b****** and her panties was only around one leg showing her 13 year old p**** with had a fue hare started on it and she was biting her lower lip it was so sexy i forgot what i was mad about so i claimed on top of her and began to kiss her and then finger her she got really wet and i shoved my d*** in her she screams but by this point i was b**** deep in i heald it there will she sead ezey is her first time so i start slow after a couple of minutes i was f****** her as hard as i could after a little bit i start to plue out and she sead not to so i told her we should get her pregnant she told me she cannot get pregnant because she doesn't have a . Yet so i pumped her p**** full and left the next day carly ask me out we was dating about a week win she walked up to me and sead she wonts a 3 way thin told me my sister had told her wat we had dun so that weak end all 3 of us had s** 2 times that night i came in both of thim carly told me i was dating both of thim now so i did a month later Carl call me to tell me that her dad had kicked her out because she was pregnant i asked my parents if she could move in with us because i got her pregnant my parents told me only if we take care of the house and my sister because thay was moving bcouse a job offer and that didn't wont my sister to change school so Carly moved in and thay moved out about a week later my sister was sick so we took her to the doctor and found out she was pregnant to so now we live together and the 3 way r a blessed that r both about do can't wait


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  • Wow our school system has gone to s***

  • Holy s*** this is the worst writing ever.

  • I gave up reading this s*** after the first few lines. The grammar, spelling and the typos are atrocious. it lacks in sentence and phraseology structure.

  • I'd be more than happy to fu*ck my sister!

  • Thin do her

  • I would do if she wasn't married

  • Lucky you. Fucking a friend, then your sister, then Both. Fuck yea.

  • With the fact that you were in capable of spelling the most simple of words I highly doubt any inch of this story is at all true

  • Learn to spell you infidel

  • Fuck that's just tedious to read

  • Learn to spell for crying out loud!

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