The neighbor girl

So one day i was setting there witching tv win there was a nock at the door i open the door to see the young neighbor girl Hayley she said her wifi was down at her house and ask if she could youse mine i said yes and invite her in i told her the password and she sat on the Uther side of the room she was planning on her phone after a bit she complained she couldn't find what she was looking for thin she moved her top showing off some of her b**** they was small but nice she got up walk over and sat down next to me she lowered her phone down so i could see she was witching a video of a older guy f****** the crap out of a teen blond girl after a fue minutes she noticed i was witching her phone she looked to me and sed she can't find what she looking for no matter how hard she looks she couldn't find any video of girls her age around 12 she said thin she shifted her self witched poled her pants tight in to her p**** showing off the outline of it and lifting her shirt showing off her billy button and i could see right down her shirt and in to her black bra thin she switched to a new video some little red head was taking a big d*** in her and she was thinking it hard i didn't take long for the girls in the video to climax by this point i could see that Hayley pants was getting wet she started a new video a cut little japp girl was getting it hard thin Hayley set her phone down and rolled over on i could feel her wet p**** on my leg and she looked right in to my eyes with her sexy blue eyes and she said i can't find any 12 year old girl video on her she kissed me and sed let's make one for me i kissed her back and sed ok she got up and set her phone to record i did the same i sat down and she got back on top of me and we started kissing i slid my tung in her mouth i could taste her gum we mad out for awhile thin i lifted off her shirt and she did mine thin i removed her bra and grab her little a cup breast she moaned and we went back to kissing before no time i had my hand in her pants rubbing her c*** she started grinding her p**** on my leg she got up and i ripped her pants and panties off she had gotten mine off i picked her up flipped her over and started eating her dropping wet p**** i could feel her lips around my d*** as i shout a lode of precum in her mouth and she sucked it all up she asked me to set down she sed see ready so i set down and she backed up to me and lower her self on it as it was haf way in she froze in place so i gave a little bonus she squeak and fell back on it seating it off in her she tinsed up for a minute thin she started riding my d*** she got up and grab her phone ot give it a close up of her cherry on my d*** so i asked her to c** with me i led to my bed i laed don't and after she got the phones back whar she wanted them she got on the bed and and layed don't next to me and kiss me thin she got on top and started riding hard after a bit i told her i was about to c** she smiled sead she hasn't had a period yet and she started riding harder with every time she tock it in i could feel c** spraying deep inside her p**** i could hear crying out in plesher she layed down next to me and we made out some more later she got dressed and left thin i found her panties on the floor with a note on thim that said something to remember her with that Friday there was a nock at my door i opened it thar was Hayley again she sead she told her parents she was staying at a friend's house for the weekend we f*** all weekend we made p*** of about every position u can think of she has been back every weekend sense

Dec 1, 2019

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  • No one could possibly spell that badly unless they were doing it on purpose.

  • Bullshit. Learn to spell there kid

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