Curiosity led to more

I’ve always had a thing for older men, while I’ve had plenty of attractive girlfriends, I have always wanted to see what it would be like. Being a shy introverted 22 year old, I finally went online and began talking with older men. After getting so into the idea, one man maybe late 50s asked me over to a hotel nearby that he was at. I very nervously drove to him with the agreement that I would try my first b******. After awhile, I got so h****, we tried everything with me being submissive... it was the best experience of my life!

Nov 19, 2019

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  • Hi I am interested in you as I am gay and love gay s** anytime. I am also a crossdresser and wear nylon panties and bras and experienced at enemas
    and have been for sometime. Email me if you are interested

  • When I'm my mother-in-law's panties her nightie or my mother's sexy camisole and matching panties I like sliding their d***** into my rear as I taste and lick my pre-c** momspantysniffer

  • I like wearing my cousin's panties when I stay by them. Some of the boy's they know are all over it and they slide their penises into me both ways.

  • Tell me more I am getting wet ...momspantysniffer

  • Yes darling it is lovely. Now try being a submissive sissy, wear lovely silky ladies undies when they make love to you. You will adore stockings and suspenders, silky knickers (not to tight) that waft over your privates and a slip to die for all lacy and slippery!!
    They will love to hump you like that.

  • Mmmm I like you...momspantysniffer

  • Being a beautiful young and smoothly effeminate boy I'd celebrate my cuteness with other boys wearing short pleated skirts and schoolgirl panties. It was wonderful!
    Entering my teens I was interested in a man who loved my feminine qualities.
    That was the first time I slipped into lace top stockings, suspenders and lusciously ruffled bottom panties. The feeling was so exciting for me, especially when he touched me....burying his face into the thick ruffled lace panties it was wonderful!

  • Love dressing being a naughty girl with his mouth working its way to my man slit

  • The best experience with another guy is when I embraced my effeminate boyish qualities and got totally dressed up in silky lace delicacies. It was for the first man who I slept with. I'd been with other boys in my sister's skirts and schoolgirl panties, lots of cute fun for sure. Being young, smooth in lace top stockings held by suspenders with ruffled panties like a delicious French pastry waiting to be tasted and devoured...

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