Stomach growl fetish

I’ve had a fetish for girls stomach since I was a kid idk why but I’ve always been fascinated by girls stomachs it’s so hard to explain that to someone I’m 22 and wish there were a girl out there to share with



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  • Sigh again

  • Your comment is stupid, please go way.

  • Just stop with this stomach growling fetish. I get it, you're weird. Too bad it's not interesting enough. At least the other freaks on this site write something that's interesting.

  • You've been 22 for seven years now, no one cares. Go die in a car fire.

  • Oh yeah i always dream about groping their stomach deep with my fingers

  • Https://

  • The problem with your fetish is that it is selfish. Whilst a girl's growling stomach evidently turns you on, what is in it for the girl ?

  • That's exactly it. Any relationship has to deliver something for all involved.

  • You were told to leave

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