I really want my girlfriend and I to mutually gain eight.

I’ve always been attracted to fat women and the idea of feedism, but it wasn’t until recently have I been turned on by the idea of getting fat myself.

I’ve had constant fantasies about a future wife or girlfriend and I sharing a bed with both of us being immobile sacks of lard in the future.

In particular, I love the thought of destroying my very athletic body, while my future wife does the same to hers. I want to be teased, I want to be out of breath by the simplest tasks, and I want to get just as fat as my girl does.

I want us to be the fattest couple in the world.

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  • Wife and I have put on about a hundred pounds each over the last few years - both of us mostly in the belly - her hips have also widened. We are always sizing up. Friends and family commenting and shaming us. She is pregnant now so hoping for her to really pack on the pounds.

  • Mutual weight gain is awesome. It's cliche that every couple has a little or a lot of relationship weight. Some feel guilty or embarrassed. But if you just sit back and enjoy the food and love each other, letting go can be sweet.

  • Good luck except for the last part. I want my wife and I to be the fattest couple in the world! We're both already obese, but if I have my way, we'll each be taking up a king size bed and be too fat to do anything but eat and get fatter. She's lost a bit recently, so I have to get her back on track, but at our fattest we weighed a combined 740+ lbs and I can tell you honestly, there is nothing in the world like fat ** and there is nothing hotter than turning your girl into a massive jiggling blimp while she does the same to you. You will love seeing the changes in her body and feeling the changes in your own as you both give in to the gluttony and ruin your bodies, burying them forever in soft, heavy, useless, jiggling flab. It will make your lives so much harder, but it is totally worth it. Finding clothes, walking, even Just standing will be a struggle after a while, but you will love it. You will love it when your bellies grow so fat you have to move them out of the way to ** and when they hang so far down they cover your privates. Eventually it will be hard to tell which one is the boy and which is the girl because of your huge flabby moobs. Your ** and thunder thighs will be huge and riddled with cellulite and you'll both grow thick double chins. People will stare at your newly fattened forms and they will laugh behind your backs, maybe even to your face, but it will only turn you on more. Your friends and families will be concerned and disappointed at what you've done to yourselves and how grossly obese you've become. Being super fat is embarrassing and humiliating, but that is what you want isn't it?

  • Good luck to both of you, but at your fattest, you and your wife were lighter than my wife alone. We both have our sights set on being the fattest couple in the world too, and she's bulked up to about 750, while I'm about 20 pounds ahead of her. Ultimate goal is for our combined weight to exceed a full tun, and thanks to our live-in feeder/girlfriend, we're well on our way

  • My wife has always been a foodie and struggled to keep her weight down. I talked her into just letting go. I haven't deliberately fed her but definately been her enabler and after 6 years she has ballooned up 560lbs. She often sends me messages to bring certain food items home, which I do. She is just eating and eating and getting fatter. Yes fat ** is amazing and for 560lbs she goes off during **. I'm just going to let her get even fatter.

  • That sounds perfect to me. Good luck future fatty!

  • We all can dream my friend. What a nice life that would be.

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