Another time, another place

I sit and wonder had I had the courage to approach white women a long time ago, how would life have turned out. Life is what it is and I have married a wonderful black woman (yes, I am black). We have a really loving relationship and I love her dearly. But, I have a very active imagination. I have always wondered why men, and in this case white men, can sometimes be so unresponsive to the women they claim to love. These women cry out to be loved and treated like a queen.

If I had dated and married a white woman here is how this relationship would play out. First, I would cherish her and listened when she spoke. I would hug her often and kiss her deeply. She would be given the best loving I could. I would hold her close, feel and smell her hair. I then would kiss her face all over slowly and make my way down her body. I would caress her asscheeks. Her t*** and nipples would be teased and tickled. No joke! And when my tongue reached her swollen silky p**** I would take a long time eating that gorgeous white p****. Why? Cause I truly love the taste of p****. My lips would nibble and slurp all the juice she'd have to give. I would grip her white thighs and pull them close to my face. As she gets closer to c****** I gently twist her nipples. I begin to suck that wonderful c***. I lick up that tasty juice as she screams through her o*****. I would then hold her close as she relaxes down. I would f*** her anyway she wanted. I would have her get on all fours and enjoy her from behind. I would lick her buttcheeks and would stick my face in her crack. Then I would f*** her like a crazed beast. Gripping her hips I would slam in her hot p**** over and over. I then feel her hand reaching between her legs and fondling abd tickling my bloated b****. Soon she hears me howling and grunting as I shoot hot c** into that slippery white hole. Then we would cuddle together and drift off to sleep. I know it would play out that way cause that's the way things have played out in my life now. And finally, I will never ever hit her, demean her and cheating on het would not be an option. Period!

Nov 19, 2019

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  • I believe you and applaud you! Feelings and understanding should be what matters, not race, income, religion or circumstance. Good for you and your loyalty to your wife but, I believe any woman would be lucky to have you.

  • Yeah, but if you did, you'd produce mongrel half castes, and nobody wants a half cast child.

  • Oh shut up, you backwards fool. It's people like YOU who need to not be reproducing.

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