Mother in law touches it

My mother in law is a late 50's woman, She does sports therapy massage and has always given my wife and I massages whenever we go to visit, recently I decided to see what her reaction would be if I gave her a bit of a show, She is a nice looking older woman and I have always gotten massages in nothing but a towel.
This time I got on the table and made sure my c*** was pushed down so it was visible from between my thighs, She always does the inner thighs and I knew she would be close to it, I have a big c***, Not huge but thick and about 7 1/2" long, It was obvious right away when she moved to the lower half of my body that she had seen it, She adjusted my towel but I don't think she was able to cover it completely, She did not do my upper thighs and it was noticable, I kept peeking whenever possible and her old nips were hard the whole time and you could see a hint of them right through her shirt and bra.
I kept doing it and on the third time I was actually kind of half hard or whatever and she worked her way up, She had the back of her had actually touching it and carried on with the massage, I did everything I could not to get hard and it was not easy as she did each side and her oily hands were pressing and rubbing it the whole time. probably half a dozen times or so now I have let myself get rock hard as she rubs and presses her hands against my c*** and the second last time she was massaging and pressing it, As she had her hand against it I flexed it a couple times and she cleared her throat.
I pretended to be embarrassed when I got up and she made some comment that I didn't really catch until later but looking back I think she may have half offered me a happy ending, This moring she massaged me again and my wife was in the shower after her massage, She knows we haven't done anyhting sexual since my wife fractured her back 3 months ago and she used the backside of her hands and damned near got me off, At one point I actually swallowed hard and twitched a bit, I just want her to wrap her hand around it and j*** it but I can't ask for it so i'll have to just see if she progresses it along to leaving a load on her table.

Nov 21, 2019

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  • H***, it's time to get bold and just ask her. Since she knows you have done without, just suggest it would be way better than you having to go to a stranger or something. Just make her feel safe and sure you will say nothing, and odds are high she will happily fix you right up.

  • Please keep us posted

  • Mmm yeah, the let go a real eggy guff as she massages you

  • Lying down giving her a full view of your back and widen your legs to offer a full view of your c***. When she does your buttock, ask her to massage your thighs drawing her palm to inner parts. She will get the hints to what you want and will massage your c*** till you c**. Meanwhile, if within reach, stroke her upper thigh to her mature p****. More will come for you to c**....

  • Would love to hear more as it happens

  • That's a super hot story. Have you ever offered to give her a massage?

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