I want to be a slave

I don't know why but I constantly fantasize about being a slave. It can be both sexual and non sexual. I just want someone to claim me and their property. I want to be owned. I want them to exert their power and control over me in whichever ways they want. I want to have no rights, no thoughts of my own, no freedom. I want to be tied up and kept in chains. I want to be a puppet. I want someone to totally and completely own me inside and out.

Nov 11, 2014

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  • Iam a 20yo white femaleand I truly want to became slave. To be used and abused. To be owned with absolutely no rights.

  • I am a loving yet kinky financially independent man. Loving and completely owning a love slave would be a dream come true. I would keep you naked most of the time…

  • I can be reached at leanfit9@fastmail.fm (the loving yet kinky financially independent man)

  • I will give you orders send me email rodfunk15@yahoo.com

  • Send me more info and picture your location. rodfunk15@yahoo.com

  • What is your email? I can give you tasks to do and be your master.

  • True,, whites should get on our knees for our African American 'masters"

  • I am submit slave.my master is god.

  • I need to see a pictuer

  • Same bruuhhh i really want to be a slave

  • I shall take you in if you want just send me a message


  • I agree! The thought of someone owning my body completely gives me chills. No thoughts of my own, I can't make any decisions by myself, i am owned, body mind and soul. Oh, just writing this comment turns me on.

  • If your a man i will make you take all your clothes off and keep you naked for as long i want ( one year minimum) you will wear a butt plug up your a****** and show it to all my girl friends then you will suck their ass holes every day for as long as i tell you. I will invite ten men to my house and make you wash their b**** and suck their c**** every day until they c** in your mouth and make you swallow their c** juices. You will be required to attend house parties every week and stand in the center of the room and take off all your clothes until you are the only one naked. Your naked will be given to everyone to do what ever they want. They will have my permission to whip your ass including your cheeks, ass crack, a****** and f*** your mouth and c** down your throat.

  • Are you serious about this? Are you male or female?

  • I am totally serious i am female and if i get you and make you my slave you will never wear clothes again. I will parade you naked in front of men and women and display your c*** in front of everyone. your b**** belong to me along with your a******. your face will be tied to someones a****** all day and you will required to suck that a****** until i give you permission to stop. you will be forced to go out to my box and pick up my mail and put out and pick up my trash barrels every day totally naked. i have many other naked tasks for you to do, we will start with you posing for many nude photos in the most revealing positions as possible. I have to leave now I have two naked slaves hanging in my dungeon waiting to get whipped, sucked, and f*****,
    and my neighbors are at door waiting to play with my naked slaves.

  • Female

  • Male

  • I'm a sissy s*** and yes I'm serious if you want to own me as a s** slave I have the contract already signed by me

  • Contact me through Facebook Rob Moger

  • Do u want a boot slave

  • Yes

  • I think it would be fun to be a slave too

  • It does sound fun :)

  • I would like to be a slave

  • Just to let you know that you are not alone in your strangeness. I enjoy being a submissive husband. About two years ago I started telling my wife that I wanted to be her s** slave. At first she laughed and said she did not want me to be lazy and that she wanted me to romance her. We worked out an arrangement that worked for us. Good luck.

  • Have you ever looked into being a BDSM slave?
    I think you'd like it

  • I recently became a BDSM slave and am not happy. My mistress destroyed all my clothes and Has kept me naked since. she makes me show all her friends my a****** when they visit her. she takes me on naked walks everywhere to show off my c*** and b**** to her boy friends. Please can anyone help me get out of my situation . my mistress told me that starting next week shee is going to make me sign a long term contract stating that i agree to be kept naked for 5 years and agree to naked bondage, asswhipping, torture and agree to suck and swallow her breast milk, c*** juices and anything that comes out of her a******. can anyone tell how to escape this demanding woman?

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