So funny

We had some friends out to our cabin for the weekend and my wife's friend who's husband I have become good friends with were there, She was passed out on the couch after drinking too much while him and I were sitting by the fire, He went to get a beer and I went to grab my phone so we both went inside, We both stopped and looked at her, She is a pretty girl and before having kids she apparently had great b****, Big and firm from what they have joked about over the 5 years we have known them, She is a long haired brunette adn has a bit of a booty.
She was passed out on her back and you could see the shape of her b**** under her shirt since she had no bra on and they are still pretty big compared to my wife but they are also saggy, I was about to head to bed and he said "Wanna see something funny?", I looked at him and said "Ok", He walked over to her and held up one finger to me then reached down and ran his fingers over her b00b just lightly and after a couple seconds her nip started to get hard and show through her shirt. He tickled it lightly and was giggling to himself, Her nip was now rock hard and huge sticking out through her shirt, He stood up and whispered "Haha, She has huge nips from feeding three kids out of those suckers".
We were about to head back outside when she made a little moaning sound and we both stopped and looked at her, She took a deep breath and let it out, He raised his eyebrows and looked at her, She started breathing a bit heavy and stretched letting out another little moan, We looked at each other and I motioned to go back outside, He tilted his head from side to sand shrugged as we stood there. She took another deep breath and then swallowed and clenched her thighs together, His eyes got wide and the two of us just stood there. She kept wiggling and stretching and letting out little moans, She rolled over to face the back of the couch then onto her stomach and you could see her round bum cheeks through her PJ pants, She was clenching and tightening up her cheeks then relaxing and she slid her hand under herself, His eyes got wide and his mouth was open.
We stood there and watched as she rocked her hips forward and back clenching and releasing, Her breathing pace quickened and she moaned and then we both kind of froze as she shuffled her PJ pants down over her bum and had them at her knees, The only real light was from the hallway light being on and it cast just enough light to be able to see the best parts, I kept looking at him but he wasn't taking his eyes off her, I could see her bum cheeks and when she would clench you could see the cellulite and when she relaxed they were big and round and actually firm looking.
She jerked a couple times and then I could see her fingers peek out from between her thighs and disappear again, I took one big step to the left and that put me right behind her, He did the same and was right beside me as she pushed her hips forward then back sticking out her bum and I could see her little brown bum hole and I could see her lips are fuzzy but nice looking, She tightened up her cheeks, Pressed forward and rocked her hips from side to side then started shaking and let out half a dozen quick, Deep breaths. Her round bum was shaking and she moaned a few times, He tapped me on the arm and we stepped back around the corner, I could hear her groan a couple times and then we could hear her shuffling around and she got up and went to the bathroom.
Me and him snuck outside and sat around the fire giggling about the whole thing, I said "Holy man, That a$$ is something", He nodded and said "yeah, It's bigger now but..." and I said "And...She keeps her pu$$y hairy?", He said "Well, She trims most of it and shaves the sides is about all", We had another drink and went to bed, We both stopped and looked at her on the way by passed out on her back again and then went to bed.
She was interesting before but much more now.

Nov 23, 2019

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