Learn to love and respect

Just thought I would toss out some unsolicited advice. Why not, this is a public medium. I would like to inform guys whose women in their lives just doesn't "do it" for them anymore. If a woman isn't lit up in a relationship then usually you can almost be sure she is not being cherished and honored. This is not true 100% of the time, but generally it holds true. I have observed that generally when a woman loves her man she will give her all into the relationship, body and soul. When you make her feel like a queen you get a ton of love back. Spend time holding her, listen to her dreams, protecting her and work as a partner with her. And when it comes to sexual matters, take the time to give her screaming o******. When you give her what she needs, then she will usually give you what you l*** for. As for unsolicited advice to women maybe I will toss out some things.Good luck everyone.

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