Slept with someone I hardly ever know

I was at vacation. I left my lovely husband and went to visit my cousin. I was at my cousin's house. She told me that she invited her bf. I said ok no problem. Her bf came with another friend. We talked all over night by the help of some vine. Later night, my cousin and her bf went to their room. I said good night to his friend and got into my room. Late at night, I woke up and saw him tiptoing in my room. I pretended like I was sleeping deep. He lied down into the bed and his hands were on me. I turned my back as I was still going on pretending sleeping. He took one of my hand and put it into his short. He was all erected. He was masturbating using my hand. He c** all over my hand and back. Then He got out of my room quickly.
That was fun ;)


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