My wife Linda

On the way home after Linda and James had got it on Linda seamed to almost be another person she was so uptight to begin with before he f***** her that I was worried that she might be furious with me for making her do it but she seamed to be vry pleased with herself now she was laughing and wanting to know how I had felt watching them f*** and until this day she very seldom ever used the word f*** but now it rolled off her tongue like it was a normal conversation.
When I asked if she had enjoyed it she began to giggle like a school girl and she admitted that once he had started to finger her she couldn't hold back and she really let herself go then she said OMG you should have seen your face my god you looked positively fascinated she teased .
Then she started telling me how it felt with another guys c*** in her and how proud she was when she felt him C****** in her she said that she had been very worried that when he saw how much older she was than him that he would make excuses and leave but when she saw him looking at her with desire she suddenly felt sexy like when we were dating and then after she started she couldn't stop and she could no longer control herself she laughed and said damn I wanted to eat him he looked so good.
I am proud of her for her age she looks almost as good as she did in her 30,s but she has gained a few pounds around the waist and she remarked on that to saying I am going to have to loose some weight if we do this very much god I felt positively fat but luckily enough Jimmy didn't seam to mind.
I asked would you do it again ????
Linda looked at me and said yes if you want do you mean with James or another guy?? God I felt like a total s*** but I loved it.
I said we cant afford to rent motels every time but I think maybe James is safe enough to let him come to our place if he wants and she replied maybe for a weekend or something when dose school let out for the summer and I said in about 6 weeks and shed give him a call tonight and see if he wants to get together again.
Well he agreed and that week her and I spent the days walking on the beach and Linda walked fast doing exercises as we walked and in the evenings she would do set ups and stretching exercises and by Friday she had lost 3 pounds by also watching what se ate and she was happy and laughing almost all the time and some times when we were just setting around she would get this far away look in her eyes and start to giggle and her face wuld flush pink and I knew where her mind was and I would tease her about her new boy friend and make her blush but she fed it back to me reminding me that I had enjoyed it to .
We lived off the highway on a side road and Jim called when he got to Bandon and We went out and guided him to our place .
Our house was back in the trees and we have 6 acres of cleared land but Linda and Jim were only interested in each other they came together like lost lovers and were soon locked together in an embrace James shirt was on the floor and his hand was inside of Linda's blouse mauling her breast as they kissed and Linda was trying to get her hand inside of his waistband then she said take a deep breath and she managed to get her hand inside of his pants and she went AAwwww gripping his c*** then her hand began to move clearly trying to jack him off .
They were unstoppable now and Linda got on her knees in front of him and she frantically tore at his pants grunting in frustration as she undid his top button then she unzipped his pants and they fell to the floor his c*** bulge was clearly visible now in his shorts and Linda was breathing harshly as she tugged at his waistband and freed his c*** then she stroked him several times watching his swollen c*** head her eyes feverish with l*** then she sucked him into her mouth and we hadn't been in the house for more than ten minutes so far as her head began to move back and forth her hands on his hips now and James gripped her face in his two ands looking down at her mouth around his c*** and he started to roughly f*** her mouth grunting with each stroke and Linda gagged when he went to deep but she wouldn't let go then she managed to get him into her throat and his pubic bone was up against her lips now as he f***** her mouth and I could see her saliva hanging on his b**** now then He cried out and his body arched backwards and he began to j*** and I was afraid that he would fall but then he leaned forward pulling Linda's mouth up tight against him and I could hear Linda gulp as she swallowed his offering several times I heard her swallow then she sucked him several times milking his c*** for the last of his seed and she stood up taking his hand and said hurry before it goes soft and they rushed into the bedroom .
Jim's c*** had started to wilt but Linda hurried and mounted him sliding her very wet p**** down his shaft then she leaned forward raising up and dropping back down on his c*** in frantic jerks then she settled on his hips and began to slide back nd forth on his c*** letting his hot flesh rub against her c*** and in just moments she had speeded up making garbled sounds in her throat as she bucked faster and faster her face locked in a fierce snarl as she ground her pubes against his her body jerking spastically as she grunted in release for long seconds she sat there motionless her hair hanging in her face nd her harsh gasps for breath as Jim looked up at her with a stunned expression then Linda began to laugh breathlessly and she said I missed you Jim did you notice as her body began to slid back and forth again as she smiled down at him and Jim reached up taking her b****** in his hands and he said you are beautiful and Linda turned to me a satisfied smile on her face and said I love you baby they were not trough yet though because like before his youth came through again and he was soon hard again and Linda rode him silently until she came a second time then Jim got her on her hands and knees and he f***** her this way for a long time until he got his nuts then we all got up on the bed together and talked planning out our weeks before he went home for summer Vacation.
Linda said hey guys I am hungry lets go to the Crazy Norwegian for some fish and chips .
it was still daylight so we walked on the beach by battle Rock for awhile then in the tunnel inside of the huge rock Linda let him f*** her with her hands up against the wall and her shorts pulled down around her knees we laughed and Linda was afraid that someone would catch us but Jim was having no problem and although Linda did not c** this time Jim did then we went home .
We watched some television and Linda and Jim spent most of the time kissing and fondling each other and I got out my Sony movie camera and I filmed her sucking n his c*** then I filmed him f****** her over the back of our couch it was very late when we went to bed and since we had a king sized bed the three of us fit nicely in it with Linda in between .
I woke up the bed moving and I was groggy so I let them alone and I fixed coffee for us all then I took theirs into then and I sat on the edge of the bed and I watched then f*** until they were through .
I had to fix breakfast to because they couldn't keep their hands off one another for long and as they were kissing one time I slowly jerked off and had a nice release to, I missed the long sessions that her and I had when we first married but this erectile disfunction wouldn't let me do that anymore I could j******* if I did it but no longer the long enjoyable sessions like it once was but I truly liked watching her have s** and I relived some of my pleasure watching her f***.
All weekend they were insuperable and I gave them a break so they could enjoy each other by themselves and I would walk the dog on the beach but all to soon the weekend was over and Jim and Linda clung together in a sad farewell .

Dec 2, 2019

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  • Sorry to hear that Linda has downs syndrome, I was enjoying your stories, but when I learnt of her condition and how she was "spastic" I couldn't enjoy them any more.
    Not my fetish but I'm not judging.

  • Linda isperfectly healthy she just has some very intense o******.

  • It'd OK to admit, I know these days that people affected by down syndrome can live fairly fulfilling life's. You don't have to feel ashamed

  • I don't and she is having a very good time doing this.

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