It's out there.

My question is this, Is there a way to trace where a video or pictures posted on the internet came from?
I made a huge mistake not long ago and I knew this would happen, I was camping with my sister and her husband, I went for a stroll after they went to bed, The campsite is one not far from our hometown and it is mostly local people who go there so I felt pretty safe walking around, I had been having beers with my sister nad her husband even though i'm not quite legal here in canada. I met a couple guys walking down the road and they invited me to their campsite, I went and that was where things went wrong.
I remember getting hit on and pretty much all four of the guys there were flirting with me, I had another beer, Maybe two but not enough to get wasted and I was woken by my sister and her husband, Very angry and my sister gritting her teeth as she said "Chelsea....Get the f*** up...NOW", I was having trouble focusing but I looked down and my sisters husband had one hand on my vag and his other on my left breast with his arm across coving both.
I was so confused and so lost, I was so h**** and so...I don't know...I put my hand on my brother in laws hand and pressed it against my vag and he pulled it away and said "Stop that...Get up", I sat up and was like WTF!!!!
I was laying on a cement...Table type thing in a community kitchen and I was...Nude, there were about 20 people standing around and some were taking pictures and getting yelled at by my sister. My Brother in law took off his t-shirt and put it on me, We briskly walked back to their campsite about 10 sites away and when we walked up my brother in laws friend was sitting in a chair drinking coffee, He looked over and choked spitting out his coffee, His wife said "Good christ, We can see your v*****", I looked down and his shirt wasn't long enough to cover everything.
I went inside and my sister put me to bed, I woke up late afternoon with very little memory of what happened, I know me and one guy went to the group kitchen and were making out, After that it gets real foggy and I don't know whats real and what isn't but in my mind there were multiple guys and...I don't know, I screwed up because I was embarrassed and I refused to go to the cops right away, I had sperm everywhere, In my hair, On my face, On most of my body but I showered and got rid of all the outer evidence, Both my sister and brother in law tried to get me to go to the cops right away but I refused and finally a week later they conviced me to go in but the police said it was too late.
I have been so scared since it happened but have been checked multiple times and am not pregnant and have no STI's but...Recently a video surfaced online and...It clearly shows me, Shows multiple things (A birthmark and a tattoo) that clearly prove it is me, In the video it never shows their faces but shows mine lots, 24 minute video and 4 guys take turns on me and one doing my...Bum. I havent stopped crying since I was shown the video and I have watched it over and over looking for some sort of evidence of who it was, My sister watched it with me and I cried while she was angry the whole time, She did notice something and asked if she could ask her husband to watch it, At first he said no but then she told him she needed to know what they were talking about.
My sisters husband is a wonderful guy with a...Colorful past, He rides a harley and is a big guy with a very...Intimidating demeanor when you first meet him but once you get through that he softens quickly, Loves my sister, Loves their kids and loves our family, We still have not told my parents anything and I don't ever want to but we sat down and she made him watch the whole thing but told him to focus on what they were saying at the one point, he rewound and listened to it a few times, Lovely as it was at the same point in the video where I am swallowing a c****** and begging for more.
He listened and sat back, he thought for a bit and then fast forwarded and rewound to different points as he wrote things down, He sat looking at the list he had written down and said "What do you want...Do you want me to go to the cops or not?", I told him I wanted names and he said "OK" but so far has not been able to track down any names.
I want help and want names.

Dec 2, 2019

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  • Use the EXIF data

  • There are ways to track a video. you just have to find someone who can actually do it.

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