My new girl

Win i turned 18 i moved a couple states away for college after college i got a job and stayed there win i turned 24 my 17 year old cousin call me and said she was being kicked out and had no where to live and she asked if she could stay with me i said yes and told her to get picked up i was coming to get her on my way there i keep thinking how i win we was growing up how cute she was i pick her up and drove us home after we got all of her stuff unpacked she looked around and ask if i had a girlfriend i said no she smiled hugged me and kiss me on the cheek and ask if i wonted one i looked her over she was so hot bitting her lip so i French kissed her and said yes we wint on a date to the movies that night i told all my friends she was my girl friend and win we got home we had s** it was strange at first but once we got over the fact of cousin's she was the best s** i ever had we have bin together 3 years and she is 6 mouth pregnant and we r madly in love

Dec 3, 2019

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  • Could have some inbreeding issues but only if you have strong autosomal defects. If you’re both relatively healthy your baby may turn out fine. Read up on the Hapsburgs

  • The risks are very low.

  • Good for you

  • Congratulations ❤

  • Wish you both the happiest time

  • Ok nice

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