Roll Play Fantasy

I have a kink that could be called ‘mommy, baby roll play’ but it isn’t ancestral at all. I want a girl to treat me like a baby one night. I want a girl to make me kraft mac and cheese, and dinosaur chicken nuggets even though I never eat that. Maybe she could make me eat some peas too. Then I want her to give me a bubble bath. The only time she’ll touch my p**** is when she’s cleaning me, but that might be a little awkward because presumably I would be as hard as a rock the whole time. Of course she’ll dry me off too. Maybe she’ll also dress me.

After my bath she’ll lay in bed with me. She’ll read me a kids book, then coddle me in her arms while I have my favorite stuffed animal in hand. After that, she’ll tuck me into a cozy freshly made bed with a kiss on the forehead and, or cheek. I wonder what it would be like to call her “mommy” all the while. A “mommy” is a romantic partner who treats you maternally, it’s very different from a biological mother.

I’m not sure if I would be into this, but what if I wanted to pretend to be breast fed by a girl. I’d not do it for real, that’s gross. Plus cow milk gives me a bad stomach ache.

Dec 3, 2019


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  • Adult baby .

  • Plus cows milk give me a bad stomach
    The lactose intolerant pervert lmao

  • "role" not "roll"

  • Don't forget "incestuous" not "ancestual" 😂

  • There are people who do that all the time. Google "little play fetish"

  • $$$$$$

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