House slave

After I graduated from university I stayed living in share houses. So we had 4 bed rooms but only 3 people. I now had a job and income.

I was at a party where I jokingly said I needed a slave who in exchange for food and a bed room and the use of my car would have to do all the cooking and cleaning and shopping and ironing and of course personal services.

It was a joke but this girl came and told me that she needed to move out of home because her home life was crap but she had no money.

Initially I felt really awkward and said that it was a joke and stuff.

She said "but would you do it. Do you have the room and the car". And I said "yes". She said "what else would you want" and I got a bit bold and I said "I want to boss you around like a slave and you never argue and I want you to do the cooking and serve us dinner". She said "what about using the car" and I said that "she could use it except when I needed it".

Anyway she moved in and was the house slave for a year. She cooked and served dinner to us as agreed and did all the cleaning. I bought her a couple of dark blue mini dresses and she had to wear them as a uniform when doing her slave duties.

It became a bit of a thing when people said to her that she heard that she was our slave and she would laugh and tell people yes she was our house slave.

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  • Actually kinda believe you, as there's no fake storytelling of sexual favours!

  • In hindsight I would have liked to have s** with her as she was very cute but alas at the very least I was totally naïve when it came to girls but we till made her wear this short mini dress when she did her duties. In a way it was more about power than actual s** if that makes sense.

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