I used to tease fat schoolmates

I used to be a real j*** and tease classmates of mine who were chubby or fat. I was a bully to them. Next year I have my 25 school reunion. I am embarrassed and yet at the same time excited. You see since graduating I have packed on a good 100 pounds and have developed a large beer gut. I am excited to show off my nearly 62 inch gut and hope that I can apologize to the ones I used to tease so badly, by saying that karma has gotten the best of me.
Also I know that at least one of my former classmates has gotten even fatter than me, but I think that I likely am a close second.

Dec 6, 2019

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  • At least he's embarrassed and regrets himself dont tell him to kill himself because he does not deserve that, that is incredibly horrible!

  • The classmates he tormented didn't deserve that either. Where are your fabricated tears of compassion for them? Shut up, j*** apologist.

  • Kill yourself , you fat shaming A-Hole .

  • Where will the reunion be? I'm feeling the urge to remove a few retards from my world...

  • Tee hee. Pretty sure elementary schools don't do reunions, moron. Besides, that one's been emptied out recently. Ouch. Too soon?

  • That's what your mum said after s** with your dad.
    Then I came along and plowed her for 4 hours straight, giving her multiple o****** and leaving her cream all over the house.

  • Reeeeee ur mum rreeeeeeee ur dad
    Ah, twelve year old boys are so repetitive...

  • I bet you voted for boris you c***!

  • You'd lose that bet, pendejo xD

  • Place called sandy Hook, you know it?

  • You fat

  • Stop talking about yourself

  • I know you are, but what am I?!

  • Jesus, it's like a kindergarten for head injury cases up in here

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