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Natural or shaved? I am a teenage girl and sometimes I get embarrassed when I am around other girls. They tease me because I have a natural bush. All the other girls my age shave their ** bald or shave a cute design. I have only been with two boys and they definitely didn't mind. But when I shower at school the other girls tease me big time. I don't mind so much getting undressed when it is something like a sleepover and it is my close friends. But girls who don't really know me are mean.
Oh, also I have to mention I am a redhead. A "true" redhead. Personally i really like having a bush, it feels good and I think it is attractive. What do you think?

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I like making her mad.

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  • My exgf told me about how she was jealous of the girls in the locker room who had bushes. The other girls are probably just jelly

  • Hairy the better

  • Nice little teenpusy with no hair

  • Mmmmm red bush is awesome. I would love to play with yours. Especially if you wear ** or tan sheer to waist pantyhose so I can completely enjoy playing with your pretty bush through the soft nylon. Start with my mouth on your little nylon covered toes and work my way up.

  • A natural redhead is a rare thing and one with a lovely bush is even rarer. If you have it, going bare is like painting a moustache on the Mona Lisa - it ruins somethng special.

  • Meet the problem half way and have a brazilian.

  • Keep it trimmed for now.... If you don't want to shave!

  • My first girlfriend was a redhead. I thought her red bush was fantastic!

  • Natural is so much better.

    I’m in my early 20’s. I’ve had a number of girls in high school and college. They were all shaved.

    A few weeks ago I was at my GF’s for her moms 50th birthday. After everyone left I ended up in bed with her mother. Mrs Cotten has a fire red bush. It was absolutely gorgeous. It made having ** with her so much more enjoyable and the experience of eating her out through that bush was incredible. I loved the fact that the next day I found souvenirs of the experience between my teeth and in my pubic hairs.

    I will never have another shaved girlfriend.

    Bush is amazing and the way God intended for man to enjoy his most perfect creation

  • Not to be pervy... I am an older male (above 50). I was a teenager in the 80's. Whether a teenage girl or a ** model girls did not shave their **. I VERY MUCH love a girl with a natural bush! So if you are comfortable with it... Enjoy!

  • Great thing of course , God bless you

  • Doesn't matter what the general public thinks, only matters what you and the person you want to attract thinks. If it makes you happy, to ** with the locker room girls.

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