Full circle

I got divorced 6 months ago and began a relathionship with a friends ex, Our paths have criss crossed over the years and I was actually the first guy she was with but she ended up dating my friend, Me and him drifted apart and then a couple years ago started hanging out again, she got married to him and had a couple kids, They split and we met up one night.
The first night we met Myself and a couple friends ended up at her place, Her parents were out of town and we had all gotten into the liquor cabinet, We didn't really know her but someone had met one of her friends and invited 3 of us to her place which ended up being a party and it got out of hand downstairs. Everyone was just kind of hanging out and I was sitting on the couch, I was actually dealing on a friend of hers, Super cute little brunette who ended up being a fatty but whatever, I had made out a bit with her friend and she had left because she drank too much and puked so I was sitting there and she was laying on her stomach on the floor just off to the side from me, Very attractive blonde, Blue eyes, Big b**** for her age and she was wearing the whole plaid skirt and stockings thing which always drove me crazy, As I said Blonde hair, Blue eyes, Pale skin, Great ass, Beautiful legs, Big b**** and I was sitting there checking her out, I am a couple years older than her so I was checking her out and deciding if I was too old for her but I didn't turn 18 for another couple months and she had just turned 16 so I figured we were in the safe zone.
I reached over and started palying footsie with her and she looked back at me then smiled as we continued flirting, I reached over with my foot and lifted her skirt checking out her butt, She giggled and pulled her skirt down, I don't know how but it ended up with just me, Her and one of her friends downstairs, I laid down beside her and got my hand under her skirt, She spread her legs and she was not wearing any panties. I was trying to be sneaky because her friend was there but she laid face down and let me finger her, It was 22 years ago so some details are fuzzy but Somewhere along the way we ended up with a blanket and were messing around under it, She fished my c*** out and was playing with it, I remember having a finger in each hole from behind because it was the first time a girl had let me do that and I was shocked but loving it, She just laid there face down with her face in a pillow and let me finger both holes, I found out later everyone had left to go get beer and it was just the three of us in the house, her friend had noticed we were messing around and went upstairs so I had taken position behind her, She had her bum up in the air and I had my tongue and fingers in both holes working her over when her friend walked right up on us and said "What's happening here", She was actually the one who told me it was her friends first time.
We quickly covered up but she was hot and bothered and it wasn't long before we were back at it under the blanket, Her friend had moved in beside her and I thought we were all going to get into it but her friend just wanted to watch, She pulled the blankets off of us and she got her hands in there but thats all, She wasn't real attractive, Skinny brunette with acne but she had perfect b****, She didn't wear bras and I got her top off, Her b**** were basically like a softball cut in half and glued to her chest, Small, Hard and perfeclty round and perfectly symmetrical but before that she had talked her friend into getting on her back, I spread her legs and she had her hand between me and her friend.
She grabbed my c*** and looked at me then at her and said something about being big, soon there were three hands down there and both of them were rubbing my k*** against her little, Pink, Bald p****, I worked it in and she was super tight, Her friend was watching from behind me and playing with my b****, As I put it in was when she said something about being her friends first time and she watched and played with us as we banged, I got her onto her hands and knees and her friend was laying beside her playing with her big, Soft, hangy b**** and nips, I was playing with both of their b**** and it may have turned into more but just then a friend of mine walked in and that's when s*** went sideways.
Her friend quickly put her top back on and he walked up, Got on his knees in front of her while I was doing her from behind, She started sucking him and then more and more people walked in, As far as I can remember there was about 4 or possibly 5 guys there and the two girls and one girl they had picked up while getting beer. The girl with the small b**** obviously had guys trying to get her naked, She had her top off and 2 guys playing with her b**** but she shut down and put her top on and left, The girl who had come with them was like "F this" and left and for the rest of the night we all just took turns hammering her in her parents basement.
I don't remember how long we were there or how many times I myself nailed her but everyone had more than one turn, She was totally beutiful back then, Like when you seen her she turned heads all the time, She always dressed sexy and flaunted her body but after that night I couldn't bring myself to even think about a relationship even though she had tried to contact me a few times, She ended up with a good friend who had been involved that night and didn't seem to care that most of the guys he hung out with had nailed her but he was kind of possessive and would do stuff but then get mad so i stayed away from that s*** show, They had a horrible relationship, Off and on and both cheated constantly, He eventually nailed her friend who had been there and I think he cheated on her with one of her cousins or something, She went to college and I don't know for sure but he always said she got caught constantly banging other guys every time he went to see her.
They did get married which was a horrible idea, We had a few chance encounters over the years but never really did too much until I met her at the bar a few months back, She still looks great, great body, Dresses more sophisticated now but still adds that sexy factor with heels or low cut tops showing off her b**** which seem to have at least doubled in size after having kids. I only really planned on a one nighter because she has a bad rep in town and I know she has gotten around but...I like her, Also it doesn't hurt that she is a rockstar in bed, Man that woman has learned a few tricks along the way and although she doesn't like to talk too much about her previous exploits I have been able to pry a bit of information out of her.
The friend of mine who she was with told me lots of stories back in the day and I have been trying to see which were true and which weren't but she is tight with the info, I have found out that they did a "Final fling" before getting married which was when he nailed her friend from our first night, She apparently did some random guy on her stagette. She did put on a solo show in front of my friend and his brother on his younger brothers 18th. She won't tell me her real "Number" but it sounds like it is up there, I have heard she was with multiple girls but won't tell me, I have heard she was in multiple group situations but again won't tell me and I have heard that she has a large collection of home videos that she was quite possessive of and always made sure to put them under lock and key, My friend who used to be married to her told me one night when we were drunk that if I ever get ahold of them I will be shocked so that is of some interest to me.
I don't know where this will end up but seems to be going well for now.

Dec 7, 2019

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