Ugh, That's all

Yes, Ugh, Tha's all I can say about it, My husband has tried for a few years to get me to do his brother, We are not manogamous, We have stepped out and we have invited people to join us but that just crosses a boundary I didn't want to cross, His younger brother moved in with us and will be staying with us for 6 months while posted here.
Many times over the past 5 years, well not many but probably a dozen times or so my husband and his brother have tried, His brother will walk in on us or he will outright ask to sleep with me, I always said no and they have always persisted. Well, the other night was a huge F'up, We went to a christmas party, Got drunk, came home and were getting down, His brother walked in and sat beside me on the bed, Started touching my b****** and then stood up and whipped off his pants, i didn't even really have time to think too much, He put it in my face, I turned my head and he grabbed my head turning back, He rubbed it on my lips and I just did it.
My husband and his brother switched and by that time it was too late, I was on my back with his brother in me and my husband finished early leaving me on my back getting it on with his brother while he watched, When it was over I passed out and now I am upset, I told him I didn't want to, Multiple times before that night, Now it's just awkward and weird between me and his brother and it's only been less that 72 hours and his brother has told me flat out twice that he wants to f*** me more.
Good lord, No, Why did my husband have to go there when I told him I didn't want to, I have always given him everything else he has ever wanted, H***, I even let him bang me while we watched through the window as my older sister diddled herself when we were still in school. They need to know that this was a one time thing and I am not happy with it, If my husband keeps pushing I will just stop all the...Extracurricular activities.

Dec 7, 2019

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  • That was definitely rape.

  • Shut up bitc h i m cmg in

  • Yeah bro, slam her gaping holes

  • Nah, you're a cockwhore, you love it.
    You want it.
    You need it.

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