I need the money

So money is rather tight at the moment and my job doesn’t pay very well, so I (22yo male) have started a pornhub account to see if I can get a bit of money coming in. I’m not sure how I feel about doing it, but I need the money, and if it’s the only way of making any then I have no other choice.

Feel free to check it out, if you want. It’s only masturbation videos for now but I want to upload regularly and I want to have a bit of an income coming in. My profile name is JAzais

Dec 7, 2019

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  • I need money
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  • I did the same 5 years ago, I'm 29 now but still easily pass for 16. I started with j*** off videos, then I got requests for a*** d**** video. I started a for pay live site and started to make money. 2 years ago it lead to getting several married men paying me to for a*** s**.

    As I look very young and dress like a teen for them. At $100 a f*** I make good money.

    Two of then pay me double for bareback and c****** in me. And I have one older guy for gives me $500 a week to come over each morning and blow and swallow him. On the weekend i also blow him at night.

    I do c** as I'm ass f*****. And found I like the taste of c** So it think this has turned me gay.

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