Felt cheated by twin bothers

I am 26 years lady working as a school teacher in Delhi. The school is private one and is run by family with senior man in family as Principal. I am teaching junior classes and is at low level as far as management decisions are concerned. Sometimes with principal sir, a young smart man used to come to school for management but I could not talk or meet him as i was juinor staff. But after some time I got chance to talk to him when juinor classes management was discussed. with some time passage and talks i was near to him and we talks more on school management. When ever he was in school i try to be near him or get him notice me so slowly we start talking friendly and personlly. it was positive for me as i get good salary because of him and makes me happy to be near the school management.With time i started to meet him outside school and use to lie my family to be with him. I felt like gf bf when with him and use to be more with him when ever he asks me to come outside. Slowly slowly we beacame close and he try to cuddle, hug and kiss me when outside for shopping or in his car.
I felt like important person in school as i was near the school management because of him and did not waste ay chance or moment to be away from him when ever he comes to school. In his friends circle i was called his gf and he used to pamper me with new dresses and some times bought lingeries too. I had to hide my dresses from family as they were western ones and not allowed by my family. No one in my family or friend circle of me in school or home had idea that we are in relationship
After some time he invited me to home that too in school time so had to lie that some items needs to be purchased ifor school went with him to his home. At home he bribed main servant not to tell about me to sir and took me to his room. That day he was most wild in kissing hugging and fondling me. i liked it but fear of getting caught and doing something like this makes me tense but dont want to annoy him also so i allowed him and we went physical for the first time. He was good in bed and soft on me as it was my first time.
As time after first physical went with out any issue for me and him and my tension also comes down he planned it more frequently in school time and bribe the servant every time as he knows why i am at home with him.
One day after making love he said he wans to make love again i was surprsied but agreed some how...he went outside room saying he bring juice for me...after 10 minute he come again but looked fresh and active as he did nothing with me...he started making love to me like doing first time and i was like exhausted againt his activeness...i was like 1 hour under him that day.
After this we met in a resturant he said he liked that day love making 2 times and make me agree that we will play 2 times every time...i was reluctant but to be in his good circle i agreed with no idea i was cheated...so after that when ever we meet it was 2 times love making and gets more aggressive and fast...first time some gap and second time...i try to manage it even if in pain or exhausted
it happened for few months two times every time not less and i with no idea what happening behind...
Suddenly there was some gap in communication and with some courage i asked princiapal sir that i got to know that he went back to USA and the shocking thing that i come to know was that he had a twin brother exactly like him and then i got to know how 2 times love making was with me was him and his brother. I tried to contact but phone number was changed
Now i feel cheated and disturbed on being used by twin brothers for there fun. As it was not possible to share the relationship with anyine i thought of writing it here, dont know how you will react and what comments i get here but i feel some relief as i write it.

Dec 8, 2019

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