Funny how things end up

When my wife and I first met we actualy hooked up with each other friends first, My friend Mike and I had been out on his dads boat just fishing and whatever, Pretty nice boat at the time and we pulled up to the beach, Fairly popular lake about an hour from home where his parents had a cabin, We went up to the beach store and got some stuff, We both noticed two girls on our way back down and as we were loading up the boat he decided to go talk to them, Blah, Blah, Blah they end up on the boat.
We go out and do some fishing then he digs around in the in floor storage and comes up with a pair of water skis so we did that for a while then found a nice, Quiet cove to hang out in, Dropped anchor and were having some beers. As kids sometimes do we started flirting and messing around and the girl who would, some 12 years later end up being my wife (Kelsey) was the one my friend was flirting with and her friend (Erin) who 14 years later would end up married to my friend was the one I was messing with.
Well as the day wore on we were getting tipsy and the girls were dancing to the music and playing like they were all wild and crazy and the two of us were encouraging it. Back then Kelsey was a little taller than Erin, Maybe 5 foot 5 or so, Erin was 5 foot even and still is, Kelsey was a bit bigger than her Erin and had thicker legs, Ass and bigger b**** and blonde, Erin was short, Skinny, Flat chested and freckly with firey red hair but has since filled out a bit and looks better now than she did then but my tastes have probably changed too.
Anyway my future wife and my friend are kissing and making out while his future wife and I are doing the same, I untie Erins top and she reluctantly let me take it off, She covers her...Well...Nips I guess since she didn't have b**** back then and I got her to put her hands down, She straddled my lap facing me so they couldn't see and I was kissing her and playing with her nips which were just tiny little rock hard pink nips, Like tiny...Half the size of a pencil eraser...thickness and length, She was quite enjoying herself and I was looking over her shoulder as I nibbled her neck and gave Mike the thumbs up, I watched him get Kelsey's top off and she had a very impressive rack back then, Maybe not so much now after 4 kids but back then she had rockstar b****.
Mike was working h****** her and Kelsey got seated the same as Erin with her back to me, I could see that she was looking down with both her hands in between them so I was pretty sure I knew what was up, I lifted my hips and shuffled my trunks down, Erin grabbed a handful of my c*** and she was getting pretty worked up, I tried getting her to take her bottoms off and she wouldn't, I don't know why because I had them pulled so far up the crack that there was nothing left to the imagination anyway but she didn't want to yet anyway.
I was letting her stroke me and I had a finger in her bottoms rubbing her, Back in the day Erin had a...Robust bush lol, She shaved her bikini line and kept the rest, Kelsey had the same but trimmed the hedges shorter and is blonde so there wasn't a lot there to begin with. Kelsey and Mike were making use of the drivers seat and had it turned sideways, Kelsey was the one who got on her knees and pulled Mike's trunks off. Well back in the day who didn't always have a h****** so Mike is sitting back with his stiffy out, I get Erin to stand up and I kick mine off, Mike and I are pretty close in size, he maybe had me beat by a little back then but not much and I sat down getting Erin to sit on my lap facing them on the back seat of the boat.
We all had a look around to make sure we were alone as it was mid afternoon but was a pretty quiet day on the lake as sundays usually were, Erin was holding her hands to her chest sitting on my lap as we watched Kelsey start sucking Mike, Erin was really horned up and had asked a couple times if we could go somewhere else to which we replied that there wasn't anywhere which was a lie because his parents weren't even at the lake that weekend, I had my hand in her bikini bottoms fingering her and Mike told kelsey to take her bottoms off, Kelsey did and I got Erin to lower her hands, Me and Erin were watching Kelsey suck d*** and watching her large b**** swinging as she did a really good job.
Erin was getting wet, Like WET, My hand was wet and she had basically soaked through her bottoms, I had never seen a girl get that wet before but she was grinding on my lap, Tiny little nips could have cut glass and finally she lifted her bum and pulled her bikini to the side. Kelsey had her head on Mikes leg laying to the side licking Mikes shaft as she and Mike both watched Erin as I held her lips open and she held my shaft, She started to sit down and she would take an inch or so and tense up, Take a breath and breath out hard, every time, It took a bit as Erin was super tight, Like borderline too tight and it actually hurt with how hard her p**** was squeezing my c***.
Erin worked up and down on about half of my c*** and I grabbed her little hips, Pulled down on her and she sat right down on my lap, When she got all the way down I could feel my c*** tag bottom and she moaned and whimpered breathing choppy and I wish I could have seen her face but she clenched up and started to shake then she had the weirdest o***** shaking and twitching and gasping.
Mike and Kelsey watched and When she went limp We all just looked at each other, She collapsed onto the seat and Kelsey stood up, Mike spun her around and sat her in the seat, Lifted her legs and slid his d*** in her, Kelsey had a nice p****, and it looked good getting f*****, I repositioned Erin and slid in her from behind, and we all watched each other f***, Me and Erin ended up on the floor on a towel and Mike laid kelsey beside her facing the other way, Erin and Kelsey kissed while we banged and Erin came again, I pulled out and came on Erins nips, i even got some on kelseys shoulder, I leaned over Erins face and she sucked me as i watched Kelsey come with Mike and shortly after he pulled out, Erin moved and Mike came on Kelseys b**** and on her chin and in her mouth.
We took them back to the beach when it started to get dark and we all ended up dating, I dated Erin and Mike dated Kelsey, After about 6 months we had all been banging and it was common knowledge that Erin was a squirter, She was messy and we always had to use a towel or do it in the shower or tub, Mike and Kelsey were starting to...Drift apart and it was obvious, Me and Erin were still doing good, Nailing all the time and so on but there was a situation, Mike nailed Erin one weekend when both me and Kelsey were not around, There was a lot of fighting and then Kelsey showed up one night and was upset, Maybe had been drinking a bit and I pounded her, After a bit me and Kelsey had been dating and Mike and I had been talking again, I told him and over time we all started hanging out again but the couples were backwards.
It was me and Kelsey and Erin and Mike, We dated and got married, All had kids, Traveled together and as far as I know everyone is happy, Me and Erin were never together after her and Mike hooked up and as far as I know Kelsey and Mike were only together a couple times before she found out. Time heals all wounds and we are all close now and I think everything worked out in the end.

Dec 8, 2019

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