My black maid won't work for other blacks

She only has white employers. She says blacks expect her to do more work for less money.

Dec 8, 2019

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  • My parents have 40 year old black maid Sandra from Jamaica . I've been slipping her and extra $100 a week cash and she lets me f*** her every Friday afternoon when we are in the house alone. I've been doing it for a year now, I just turned 16 the first time. We don't use protection, I think she wants to get pregnant. I know I want to make her pregnant.

    I lost my virginity with Sandra, I love her and want to marry her when I turn 18. I also see her on Saturday night and we 69 at her apartment.

    She's thick, but I find only her body gets me hard. I can't get hard with any girls even thick ones.

    In a couple of hours I'll be inside Sandra again, her body feels so good. Her skin is super dark a love the way it looks. I want to knock her up so she will marry me.

  • Lucky young man. You are wise beyond your years.

    1). Best p**** in the world is a dark black woman. Nothing sexier than the contrast of pink inside and black outside.

    2). Older women are better lovers. Best p**** is the ones old enough to be your momma.

    And as a 48 year old woman, there is nothing better than teaching a young man how to treat a woman.


  • When I lived in London, England, I used to fu ck a black prostitute every Saturday morning. One morning, I went to her house but her 12-year-old daughter told me that her mother had gone shopping because there was no food in the house. It was pouring with rain, so I asked the daughter if I could wait inside for a while. She agreed. After a few minutes she said that I could fu ck her for the £10 I would have paid her mother. She said that she'd had a few boy's at school and enjoyed it. Her love-hole was much tighter than her mother's, and when I finally spunked up her, its muscled gripped my rod like a hand in a velvet glove. It was the only time I had her, but 40 years later I still get hard thinking about her.
    I realise that many posts here are fictional, but I swear on my mother's grave that this one is true.

  • Typical lazy blacks

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