What a night.

So I go out of town for a work conference and was set to head home the next day, I am walking down the street and decide to head into a sports pub, I start talking to the waitress at the bar who is a very attractive young girl, I am 44 and didn't plan on flirting with her but she seemed to be kind of flirting with me instead. We carried on a conversation for a couple hours between her serving drinks and so on and then I said to her that I should head back to my hotel, She invited me to stay and told me she was off work at 12:30 and would like to go somewhere for a drink after.
Well...as a 44 year old man, To have a 19 or 20 year old waitress hitting on me was kind of nice, I told her I didn't think so and she insisted, I agreed and hung around for her to get off work, We left together and she led me to a nightclub where we sat and had a few drinks, Danced a couple songs and then she invited me back to her place, I said no but she kept telling me she wanted me to go with her. I finally told her I was 44 and she said "I have always wanted an older man", What a coincidence because I have wanted to nail a 20 year old for...Well...20 years but I continued playing hard to get, She went to the bathroom and I watched her as she walked back to where I was, She had obviously removed her bra while in the bathroom and walked up, Shoved her hand in my pocket and whispered in my ear, "My bra is in my purse and my wet panties are in your pocket, Now what?", I looked down and could see her pokies and pinched one right there in the bar, She just took a deep breath, Held it until I released her nipple and then let it out and breathed a bit faster.
We hailed a cab outside and on the way to her place we made out and she shoved my hand under her skirt, So soft, So smooth and Soooo tight. I threw and handful of cash at the cab driver and we went up to her appartment, We kicked off our shoes and stumbled to her room kissing and removing each others clothes as we went. She swung her door shut but it caught on my pants laying on the floor and didn't close but she didn't seem to care. Not to brag but I have a big weiner, Just a fact not bragging but she knelt down and pulled down my underwear, She looked up at me with her blue eyes and moaned "Ooohh nice", She stood up and pushed me onto the bed, She was already naked and holy s*** did she have a great body, Everything was just perfectly packaged and she looked amazing.
She started giving me head and then crawled on top of me, whispered in my ear "Please tell me you have a rubber"....NOOOOOOO!!!!!!, I havent worn one for 10 years....Not going to get into why on here. I was like "S***....No I don't", She said "oooohhhh boy, I have some but...." and so began a frustrating attempt at squeezing one of her regular sized condoms over my d***, She lubed up my k*** and she worked hard to get one slid over and get my c*** squished into this thing. She had my circulation cut off and I started going soft, She tried sucking it but I couldn't even feel what she was doing and then she tried riding me but I was too soft to even get it in.
We tried to get it back for a few minutes but by then it was too far gone, She looked at me and said "Pull and pray?", I said "Mmmmm" and she said "I don't care, I'll swallow", Well who could resist that offer, I nodded and she ripped the condom off, Spun around and started sucking while I was licking her and we were back in business. She was so perfect and tasted so good, She started getting jerky and twitchy and scrambled away spinning around saying "Oh god you're good, I almost came on your face for a change" and then giggled.
She lifted her hips and reached down rubbing my tip on her hole and worked her hips side to side working my tip in, I could feel how tight she was as we worked together, She was so wet and still so tight, She got about half way down on it and stopped, Her eyes rolled back and she moaned saying "Oooohhhh god that's a BIG d***". She slid up and down but couldn't get it all in, I rolled her onto her back and we were in the process of working the other half in her when her room mate walked right in, Walked up to the bed and I stopped, looked at her, she looked at me, She looked at the waitress and I almost blew my load when she started speaking and I heard her accent she said something about her being a dirty girl or something, I don't remember the terminology but as soon as she started talking I was like "Oh s*** that's a sexy accent".
They giggled and and she said "What are you doing?", Her room mate said "You're the one who left the door open", I was in shock and awe, The waitress was a little blonde with a great body, round booty and soft hangy b****, Her room mate aside from her accent was a curly haired brunette with a tight body, Flat stomach and super firm small round b****. Her room mate jumped on the bed beside us and the blondes eyes got big, She looked at her wide eyed and her room mate just laughed, I had a good rythm going and the waitress had managed to loosen up so I was going nice and slow, B**** deep while her friend hikes her top up showing her super firm little b**** and started playing with the blondes b**** as they bounced, The blonde had her eyes closed and she starts coming, She comes and comes and then says "Come for me baby, Don't ruin my o*****" Her room mate leaned back and pulled her shorts to the side, Showed me her fuzzy little p**** and said "When you come I am going to go to my room and f*** myself with my d****", I slid my hand under her bum and rubbed her p**** with my thumb, Pulled out and jerked it with the other hand shooting a huge load all over the blondes body, face and even in her hair, She squealed and the brunette watched me come wide eyed and said "Oh my".
The brunette leaned forward and ran her finger down the top of my c*** to the tip, Wrapped her hand around the shaft and stroked it a couple times then looked at the blonde and said "Ummm...Bareback?", The blonde shrugged and smiled, The brunette said "Mmm, I might need a bigger d****" and started to get off the bed, I asked where she was going and she said "I told you", I asked if she wanted help and she looked at me, laughed and put her finger under my chin and said "Mmmm...No" and walked out. I flopped down beside the blonde and said "WTF was that?", she laughed and grabbed a towel off her floor cleaning herself off as she said "Well, Definitely a first, that's for sure but that was my room mate Destiny", I laughed and said "Destiny?, Is she a stripper?", She said "Um, No, Actually she is 18, Been in this country for 8 months, and is...A virgin", I said "WHAT???" and she said her room mate is waiting for marriage but has a very high s** drive and is constantly using her toys.
I laid there for a bit as we kissed and touched and when I started to get hard again she said "One more?", I nod and pound her once more, I could see the door and watched as "Destiny" walked by, Looked in, Smiled and winked then walked away, I pulled out and came in the blondes mouth, She sucked me clean and I went to the kitchen for a glass of water, I walked in and Destiny was standing there, She looked down at my swinging d*** and said something about having a "second go", I chuckled and said "there's more...I mean...If you want", she looked down, Bit her top lip and put her hand under my c***, She squeezed and stroked it a bit, I lifted her shirt and played with her b**** as we stood there and talked, I offered again and she stared at my c*** saying "Mmmm, No, I'm not...Uh, No but, that's impressive...truly impressive" and walked back to her room.
I went back to the blondes room and stared to get dressed, she said "What...Uh...You leaving?", I said "Uh, I don't know", She said "I mean, If you give me a few minutes I can...", I got back into bed and she said "I heard you proposition Destiny", I chuckled and she squinted at me, We f***** twice more but I don't even think I came the last time, just felt like I did and I am sure my b**** were drained, After the sun came up I left. What an amazing night and whatr an amazing pair those two are, I got the blondes number and she said if or when I am back in town to call her.

Dec 9, 2019

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  • Textwalls are always bullshit stories, always. The authors of such stories are that bored and needful of feeling like they actually have lives. It's known as "trying too hard".

  • Okay I have never heard of them called "pokies" before and now I have seen that term in two consecutive stories. 🤔

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