Single mum, lazy son

Constantly took advantage of a woman who gave you her all.

Educated, intelligent, ditched by your dead-beat bum father, so she pulled up her socks, got to work and handled it all so she could provide a stable, fun-loving home full of laughter, love and support.

She did all that with such grace and honesty. We were all scared for her and you, but she wasn't.

Thinking she was raising a great man. Instead her love you took for granted. Her support you took for granted. Her listening ear, trying to make you self sufficient, independent, strong, all flopped, and not for her trying. No, I saw. She tried. She tried everything, switching things up if they didnt work, making last minute changes to play, vetting and asking male coaches, teachers to offer you advice and support should you need it, she knew how important positive male role models were. All of it. Nothing worked with you.

She was stern but fair. She believed in your abilities. She was your cheerleader. But you were always going to be who you were going to be. A good home made no difference. Travel and once in a lifetime experiences made no difference.

I wish she knew that earlier so she wouldn't have wasted her time. But now it's too late. Damage done.

Suicidal now. Depressed and drained. Always worrying about you. Still has a great smile and heart. But has nothing left for herself. You killed the awesome person she once was.

She should hate you.

Dec 9, 2019

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  • So Glad This Will Never Be Me #7,908 LOL
    Think before you breed, idiots!!

  • Mmm the dirty cow!! What did she look like dressed up as a cheerleader? 😛

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