I Hate My Boyfriend's Sons.

Oh my god, just seeing them in my peripheral vision disgusts me nevermind listening to their irritating voices. When I first met them, I thought they were sweet kids but living with them is a whole different story. All they do is whine and complain and cry.

The 12 year old is addicted to Xbox and only wants to eat microwave burritos and fries. He stays up all night playing his dumb games and can't be bothered to do a thing else. And his dad wonders why he's getting Fs in school? Oh, not to mention when he pretends he can't go to school because his "stomach hurts" and oh he can't eat dinner either for that reason as well. But, of course, he can binge on junk in the middle of the night.

I really tried at first to get him to try new foods, join us for dinner, spend quality time with his little brother, homework and reminding him of his one chore to take the trash out. I really don't give a f*** anymore if he wants to be a zombie in his room 24/7 now because even though it's not good for him to be up all night playing his dumb games, I don't tell his dad anything about concerns anymore because I'd much rather be stays in his room by himself than listen to his whiny ass complain and whine and talk back to his dad. The way he talks to his dad drives me crazy and the fact that his dad let's him speak to him that way makes me disgusted with him as well.

And then the little one, 4 years old, is taking right after his brother but at least the older one knows how to be nice to other kids. I hate when people use age as an excuse because it's when they're small is when it's easiest to correct negative behavior. This kid is an absolute monster. Does not know how to entertain himself for 5 minutes and will grow up I be way worse than his brother because his dad and everyone in their family spoils this little s*** because they can't stand to hear him cry.

Wait until he starts going to school! Those poor teachers and classmate! I already feel sorry for them. It's not his fault he has zero social skills besides screaming his brains out to get his way. He is smart enough to do many age appropriate things on his own, which he does IF his dad is not around, but he knows he has his dad wrapped around his finger so he regresses into a freaking demanding infant as soon as he sees his dad. It's his God dang dad's fault for raising his kids this way to be horrible bratty little monsters who no one wants to be around.

My kids are absolute angels. Smart, sweet, friendly, talented, beautiful, healthy eaters, helpful, caring, and are absolutely loved by their family, friends and teachers even their doctors and dentist sing their praises on how wonderful they are. I can bring them most anywhere without worry. They don't get a nasty attitude or cry if you tell them they can't have something. They're so respectful, understanding and generous that they actually DO deserve to be spoiled but they don't NEED to be in order to be happy. Of course they get into little sibling rivalries sometimes and get cranky when they're too tired and have some bad days but no major issues at all. They were born easy, happy babies, only ever crying when they were hungry. I was lucky for that but I also put a lot of time, energy love and care to raise them right and so it just irritates me even more to be around these boys or to have my girls be around them because their dad definitely did not do the same and it shows.

He admits he doesn't know what he's doing as a parent (NOW he f****** tells me) but he won't listen either. His kids have cavities and the dentist lectures him for not taking them to the dentist regularly which would have prevented all the work that needs to be done. So what does he do? Gets offended and in his feelings about that and once again WON'T take them back because he's afraid he will be lectured and made to feel like a bad parent again. I told him, hey give me their health insurance cards and consent to take them and I will do it myself. I can handle some criticism as long as they get the help they need! Wtf. Nope. He wont because that also makes him look bad for having his girlfriend do it. SMH.

Now, just because I said all these "mean" TRUE things doesn't mean I m mean to these boys. They love me and pretty sure they like me lot more than their dad and they think I'm fond of them as well. I'm not. Over time I have just involved myself as little as possible, make zero comments about their behaviors and making an exit plan. If I felt progress could be made here then I would feel differently but because their dad let's the boys walk all over him and has made zero effort into changing these negative patterns, just because he has no patients to hear them throwing their G******* fits, then there is no point for me to even try.
Its unfair for my children to have to follow rules and be told no when appropriate only for these little s**** to get their way for being little a*******. What the h*** does that teach my kids? Why be kind, helpful, hard-working girls if being absolute dipshits would get them whatever they want, whenever they want? My girls cannot stand the way the boys act and want to avoid being like them, but when you're living with people they're bound to affect you and influence you in time.

I made a huge mistake moving in with these people, thinking we could build a happy life as a family. But there's no way I could ever claim these kids as my own even as "step" kids. I cringe just thinking about it. I feel completely dumb and completely fooled! Holy s***, I don't know any kids personally who act like this but I also don't know any parents who would stand for it. And yes, the one to blame most is their dad and yes I now hate him for raising his kids this way as well. Ugh I'm so disgusted with myself for getting involved at all!

I am forever scarred from ever being with a guy with kids now! I know there are lots of great single dads out there BUT this one seemed like he was great and I cannot take the risk of being fooled like this again. It's like a f****** nightmare. And you would think these kids would be happy kids since they get their way...but it doesn't work that way, parents. Spoiled, entitled brats are miserable and are absolutely miserable to be around. I cannot wait to get the F away and never have to be around these people again.

Dec 9, 2019

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  • Just think tho, when the 12 year old grows up, and becomes a fully fledged neckbeard m'lady type, with you being the only woman in the house, he will be using you, and more specifically, your used dirty panties as a masturbatory aid.
    Just imagine it! Him in his room, sat on a chair, dorito stained fingers with your used wet panties up to his nose, inhaling deeply, and furiously masturbating!!

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