Step father

My mom made me and my twin brother move in with her boyfriend knowing we don’t like him. Me and my brother told ourselves that we only have to deal with him for 4yrs until we go to college. Well those were the longest 4yrs of my life. My son of a b**** step dad would yell and accuse my brother and I of everything that went wrong around the house, and if we weren’t around the house at the time then he would say it was because we weren’t there to take care of it. This past year has been very rough, I was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease stage 3 (and I was only born with one kidney) and since I was in the hospital for a couple weeks I was fired. I was unable to work and got unemployment for awhile but he would still get on my ass everyday when he saw me about me not doing s***. He has been through numerous jobs in the past few years due to his inability to handle authorities. He always said he got laid off but he never qualified for unemployment so I’m pretty sure it was just his dumbass taking anger out of his boss and being fired. About a month ago he decided to kick out my brother and I because I wasn’t working and my brother wasn’t at school even though he didn’t have class that day. The entire time he was yelling at us calling us pieces of s*** and little b****** as we were packing our stuff. My mom never said a word and I haven’t been back and don’t plan on going back. I’m not sure how they will afford anything since my mom is the only one working and i was getting more money from my unemployment that her checks. I would pay $500 every month because “that’s how much my phone bill and car insurance is” I didn’t believe that bullshit and I looked at the amount I really owe but I still payed the $500 because I knew my mom needed it. I plan on leaving my mom and step dad out of my life forever since she doesn’t even check on me or ask me where I went.

Dec 14, 2019

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  • Any luck?

  • You go girl, you and your brother have suffered enough if your mom doesn’t care about you even in your darkest times you owe her nothing, please take care of yourselves and get out of this toxic environment as soon as possible! Focus on what benefits you and never look back..!

  • You sound like a powerful black woman 😂

  • Lol

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