Nice to meet you

I haven't seen her in 10 years. 10 years ago My...Step aunt I guess she would be, She is my step moms little sister, My step mom was 38 and her sister was 30, 13 years older than me, We had gone to spend a week at the lake house and she was coming to visit, I had seen her a few times but never really met her, she didn't come around much. She did however come to the lake that week and they had planned to go to the city together the next day, She hung out with my dad, Step mom and I and she is a pretty woman, kinda on the slim side with blonde hair and blue eyes but a chubby bum, She was at the time married with three kids but being she had only came for two days she had came alone.
I was in bed and heard them come in from the fire and my step mom was bugging her sister and said "You are gonna be a bag of s*** in the morning", Her sister laughed and said "Pffftt, Nope, wake me up", My step mom said "Ok, But I am not waiting, Me and Gerald have an appointment". In the morning I could hear my step mom saying "Jessy, Jessy, For f*** sakes...Jessy" and then she came out and said "F*** it, I told her we weren't waiting", I heard them leave and got out of bed. I went to her room and quietly opened the door and she was laying on the bed, face down with her left knee pulled up, She was wearing shorts and one of her chubby cheeks was pretty much completely bare.
Her shorts were pretty loose fitting and I leaned over her peeking into the leg of her shorts, I couldn't really see much but I thought I could see some pubes, I was shaking like a leaf when I reached over and pulled her shorts out to take a peek, She was the first true blonde I had ever seen, Only my second ever to be honest but I was so scared of getting caught that I snuck out and went back to my room, I didn't stay long before I had to go back, I couldn't help it and a few minutes later I was standing beside her again looking at her chubby butt cheek, I knew she was passed out and she was just kind of snoring a little, Not really snoring but drunk girl snoring.
I didn't have much experience and I was just rubbing her bum, I slid my hand into her shorts and started playing around.
she started to moan a bit and I bolted, Back to my room but I couldn't stay away, I went back and she was in the same position but the other way, I could see her hard pokie through her tank top and I pinched it a bit, she took a deep breath and I backed away but then did it again and again and again and soon I was just squeezing it and not backing away, I had one and in the back of her shorts and one hand playing with her through her shirt, I had just pulled my hands away because I was going to undo my pants and all of a sudden, I looked down and she took a deep breath, She was looking right at me and she was breathing fast and squinted her eyes, she looked around the room and then said "What are you doing?".
I stood there quiet, Not saying a word and she said "Where are Carrie and Gerald?", I said "They went to town, She tried to wake you", she said "What are you doing in here?" I decided to lie and said "I was just watching you, I heard you making noises and peeked in but then you were like grinding on the bed and I just wanted to watch", She looked at my b**** and was still breathing heavy, She looked around and pulled me into bed. That woman rocked my world, She didn't have the greatest body but she begged me to lick her p**** and she sucked me off, I came like super fast, It was over and done and she swallowed but I never even went soft, She laid back and spread her legs and the whole time she was talking about how long it had been and how her husband doesn't f*** her anymore.
She had a real pretty face, Like real pretty but her b**** were all saggy and wrinkly and just flopped around while I was nailing her, Her bum was kinda big and her legs were too but I must have spent an hour nailing here and blew my load in her at least twice and possibly 3 times if I remember correctly, I know she came because she told me, She was very vocal, Never been with a woman like that since, She came and told me not to stop just to keep going and after her second time she begged me to finish.
Afterward I laid there just laid there fascinated by her nipples they were so oddly shaped and weird and wrinkly and big for how flat her t*** were that I was just staring at them, I sucked on one and she clenched up, Gritted her teeth and then pushed me away and said "Nope, Too much, Too much" and basically ordered me out of the room. By the time she got up we were only alone maybe half an hour or so and she didn't really talk to me much, More kind of avoided me and then my dad and step mom came home, After that day I didn't see her again for a couple years and then it was her and her husband and kids and I don't think there has been a day since that we were ever alone.
I am married now with two kids and sometimes I wonder if my wife would ever f*** some young guy if the situation came up, If she does I hope it's not until she older and has the whole MILF thing going on.

Dec 16, 2019

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  • We are basically all sexual creatures and given opportunities we will react. You may have simply done her a fun favor and she did you one in return. Then you both got back to normal life without hurting each other.

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