Can't look at each other 2.

So this went on for a week and we were just totally care free and had been hooking up with each other in front of them, We would spend half the day banging and half sleeping and then...Nothing, No phone call, No contact, They had always called from the phone in the room and I called the hotel, They checked out.
We sat staring at each other not knowing what to do, First disbelief, They'll call, maybe they switched hotels, Maybe they went home for a few days, Maybe, maybe, maybe then realization, We were used, They used us and left, they turned us into wh0res and left. My room mate and I had done things for them we would have never done.
I don't know if it was desperation or what but me and Mandy hooked up twice with very different results each time and now it's just like we are embarrassed, We avoid each other and don't look each other in the eye, We enever eat toether any more and never hang around the same friends at the same time. I hate them for what they did and how they treated us, they could have at least said they were leaving, Now we both sit here waiting for the phone to ring wondering if it will, I know I wouldn't be able to say no and Mandy has said she would go if they called.
We have been working on getting back to where we were but i don't know if we can.
waiting patiently...C&M...

Dec 18, 2019

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  • Chalk it up to experience in life. It’s all good.

  • Sexual debauchery is the bane of every civilization. When a society starts accepting this as normal, it's doom is certain. Why?

    Because the women always end up blaming the men for using them and the men blame the women for being whores. There is no more love and respect between the sexes, no more decency between people, and the entire society starts unraveling.

  • Stop being silly! You two girls explored your sexuality in a very hot, and erotic way. You don't have to have s** with one another again, unless you want to, but should not lose your friendship over it. Be happy that you experienced what you did and move in life. Besides worrying about being used for s** is nuts! After all, that's exactly what the two of you were going to do to a couple of guys. Right?

  • You were fulfilling your needs and theirs at a very intense level. You were totally into it and felt a state of sexuality you never thought possible. Why not look each other in the eye, admit you felt it deeply and would like to do it again. Opportunities are out there waiting. Forgive yourselves if you need to but also enjoy knowing how sexually powerful you are; beyond your previous imaginations. You have a right to be happy, h****, fulfilled, etc. You weren't victims; you used them as much as they used you! If you were athletes you would have won a gold medal! You can now create the conditions of your own success. You are still good, and very normal, people. Treat yourself to more adventures as you find your true selves. Life moves forward. You can too.

  • The men are travelling Aids spreaders.
    You 2 are gonna die lol


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