I am racist..………….I live in the south I hate that people say the confederate flag is racist. Its a choice and its my choice. I love the confederate Flag and am proud to fly it every f****** day. Now how racist am I? I f****** hate n******, spicks, chinks, I also don't believe in dating outside your own race, nasty b******!! Am I proud to be racist? You bet your f****** ass I am, no shame!

Dec 21, 2019

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  • I am also from the south and agree with you 100%

  • Well, there went the Mississippi state flag. Bet all you yee-hawdists down in Darwin's Waiting Room are crying into your pork rinds...

  • Nothing better than s** with another race. It’s so exotic and taboo.

    Black women are incredible

    Try one and I promise you will never want anything else

  • You're a revisionist a******.
    You lost the Civil War once. Time to move on.
    Your stupid flag is not about heritage - it's about racism - the root cause of most of the nation's problems.

  • No, classism is the root cause of most of the nation's problems. Take that away and racism, sexism, and most other isms will lose most of their power. But keep banging the race drum, it's really making a difference... both extremes are screaming louder than ever instead of finding some sort of middle ground, which is the sensible route. Be proud.

  • Fine by me man, Im arab and I would only ever be interested in spreading my own genes. Nothing really wrong with racism for we are all racist by nature but to go on with your life hating people as opposed to loving and being proud of your own nation/race is pretty retarded. Dont get me wrong, n****** are pretty much the bottom of the barrel when it comes to ethnicities, but it might be more productive to frame this view as a love for your own as opposed to hatred of others.

  • How is this a confession, your typical dumbfuck is fiercely proud of being one!!!

  • Dumbfucks love to make lots of noise about things they're proud of... and things that p*** them off (and, of course, make Baby Jesus cry)... they just like to make lots and lots of useless f****** noise. Infants so often do.

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