Doggy girl

I've always fantasized about getting f***** by a dog, it makes me so wet thinking about it. I used to have a German Shepherd that would lick my p**** so good, with it's long tongue going real deep till I'd c**. But it's not enough I want to be dicked down hard by one.

Dec 22, 2019

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  • I just did it and it f****** hurt, and u posted this before.

  • I'm a young male that loves to see girls and dogs. It's the best ever. Any girls who are honestly into this and playes with their dog. add my Snapchat. Any age. Say dog wen u add me. Andyc2104

  • Go for it - it is the best s** you would ever experience in your life. I am into dog-s** for nearly 10 yrs and I always love it. To start with, let him get used to the smell of your p****. When you are ready for him, sit on the edge of bed draw your dog nearer to your wide spread thighs so that his loin is aligned to your p****. Stroke his c*** for a couple of minutes till his c*** is out of the sheath. Let the tip touch your slit, he will get the hint and intuitively try to enter you. Now hold his waist to help him thrusting into you and leave the rest to his instinct. Enjoy! Soon he will be ready to f*** you in real doggy position ...

  • Me too. I used to have a female chihuahua when I was in high school and one day I was extremely h**** so I started to m********* on the couch as I was home alone. She jumped on the couch next to me and started to get really fussy and kinda whine and softly bark like when she wants her toy or treat so I moved my hands and urged her to lick my p**** and she immediately started doing it. It felt so amazing but I felt kinda bad so I stopped her and she didn’t want to stop and got all fussy again so I let her continue until I orgasmed. It was one of the best and fastest times I’ve ever orgasmed. After that I would let her lick my p**** every now and then and she really seemed to enjoy it so I didn’t feel as bad.
    I only wish I could get a big male dog to f*** me now. I have a dog d**** until then.

  • I've been f***** by my 3 German Shepherd for the last 6 years. It is incredibly sexy and the o****** are better than a man could ever give me.

    The beautiful of it is when one finishes f****** my p**** another one wants to do it too. They all last 20 minutes or more at a time and are always ready to go.

    This winter has been great, a lot of snowy weekends and being home naked and f***** constantly. I also suck them off and swallow. The lick my ass and p**** until I c**.

    Just be careful with a***, if they knot you it is agony until they finish c****** as they can't pull out. I found out the hard way.

    I love a*** with them but I have to be careful until the knot swells outside my ass. Then I let them f*** me.

    Good luck and enjoy.

  • On a scale of one to ten, your encounters rate a (17) seventeen! More details please! How much s****? - etc. 🐕

  • After our morning walk at 5am. I have time to each take me. They know the routine then and are hard by the time I strip. The o****** are mind blowing. I have to rest afterwards as I c** so hard by the 3 of them.

    Then I shower and go to work. I have to m********* during the day because my body craves doggie c***. But it not the same.

    When I get home I walk them and they start trying to hump me before we get on the house. Alot of times I just strip in hall and start to f***. Last night I blew all three and swallowed.

    My 3 dogs are the perfect lovers. They only want to please me.

  • The one with 3 dogs that's a turn u got anymore so i can w*** please.

  • I want to watch

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