My aunt and my cousin (her daughter) washed me in shower

I was 16 at the time and my cousin was same age. My aunt had a home/farm and in this one summer I was going to stay with them and help out on the farm. My mom dropped me off on a Saturday. she stayed the night and left Sunday midday.
My aunt was 40, about 5' 5" with a slim body and small b******. i say she was 32 B. My cousin, a red head, was same height with a nice curvy body and bigger b****** like 34 d.
My room was the first on the left at top of the stairs. My cousins was just across the hall and my aunts was at the end of the hall. There was only one bath room and it was next to my room. Sunday night my aunt laid out the work that had to be done the next day to both my cousin and me.
At 6 am she woke us up we had breakfast and off to the barn. My cousin and I collected eggs from the chickens and put them in crates. Then I had to clean out the stalls where the horse and cows were. It was starting to get hot and I was working up a good sweat. By the end of the day I was sweaty and smelled.
My aunt told us to go take showers before supper and she said she be up shortly. We were to undress and put our dirty clothes in the washing machine which was in a room next to the kitchen. My cousin told me to follow her. Once in the laundry room she started to undress. She looked at me and told me to do the same. I started to take off my shirt and kicked off my boots. My cousin was down to her bra and panties. I started to get an erection.
Just then my aunt came in the room. She already had her shirt off and was taking off her jeans. She told me to get undressed or she do it for me. My cousin was already nude. Her t*** were nice and firm and she had a nice red bush. She walked to me and started to pull down my jeans. Mean time my aunt was nude. T*** a little saggy and a nice blonde bush. They both stripped me. I was harder than ever. My cousin giggled and said, "He's has a bigger c*** than I thought." My aunt said , "Yes for a boy his age." Then my aount pointed out that I wasn't circumcised. My aunt patted my butt and said, Lets get up to the shower."
The shower is a big area in the bath room that can fit 4 or 5 people with no problem. She put on the water and we all started to get wet. my aunt washed my cousins back then turned around as my cousin washed her moms back. My aunt then told me to turn around so she could was my back. I did and her hands felt good on my back. She told me to turn around. As I did my cousin said "Let me wash him now." She took soap and a wash cloth and started washing my chest, then did my legs, She looked up at me and smiled as she started to was my c*** and b****. I started to pull away but her had held my b**** she giggled and said, "I'm not going to hurt you silly boy." My c*** was rock hard.
My aunt told her to make sure she cleaned under my foreskin. She said what was that. So my aunt to my c*** in her hand and pulled my foreskin back.
We finished our shower and dried off.
The next day was more work on the farm then our family shower. Only this time my cousin washed me herself. She giggled as she pulled my foreskin back. She looked at her mom and asked, "May I?" Her mom smiled and said of course. I had no idea what she meant until she started masturbating me. She cupped my b**** in one hand as she jerked my c*** with the other. I came a lot too. As I did they both giggled.
Needles to say it was a very exciting summer.



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  • I had the same experience with my favorite female cousin. She insisted that I let her hold my very erect hard p**** in her hand. When she did I e********* all over her hand & her naked b******. She insisted on lowering her body so that my p**** was touching the opening crack of her v***** lips. very soon she dropped down & forced my tool deep inside her. which caused my testicles to unload. At the same time I let go, she also could not hold back & unloaded her very hot load on me. After this pleasant situation we had many more climaxes & she was after my tool most of the time. She learned from her girl friend how to arouse me, so that I would last longer inside her before we both would climax. We also earned how to "t** f***" which turned her on even more. She enjoyed being fingered during a drive-in movie. I soon learned why she would bring a towel to the drive-in's. When she would climax it was like turning a hose on. I could never stop her from putting her hand down the front of my pants & holding my erection. She did this not only at a drive-in but when we would be driving for a long distance, so I always had clean underwear in the car. When we were in bed together her nipples were always very hard & leaking milk or some kind of fluid.

  • Lucky guy, how long ago was this?
    I'd be back there in a wink

  • Really. Not a dream. Or have I already wasted too many words commenting.

  • I f***** my aunt every night for 6 weeks boy it was fantastic

  • What an amazing experience man...
    No words for this... Just "Lucky You" man..
    Great job

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