Helpful aunt

I was 16 and everyday i would go to my aunt's home which was just around the corner from school and w*** and take her sexy underwear from her draw to use but one day i was nearly caught when she came back and i left completely forgot about the underwear and that night she messaged to see if i wanted to stay that night and watch a film so i did but in the morning i was at the kitchen table and she was wearing a short silk gown and she said oh yeah you forgot something yesterday and dropped it on the table her black knickers i didn't no what to say to embarrassed but turned on by what she's wearing and she said stand up so i did as it wasn't going to make things worse,now i want you to drop your shorts so i did standing with a hard-on as she's checking my d*** out then said now stand there and w*** about a minute later she asks why it's taking me so long do you need help i looked at her she said that's it you need some help stop and stay there few minutes later she came back wearing these long black silk gloves im leaning back against the table and she pulls the chair up infront of me and starts to w*** me off, so i guess you think about f****** me then she said bet my daughter to and i let out a moan,oh you naughty boy mum and daughter she kept saying that was it i shot my load over her gown she stands up and said im going to mention to her about your fantasy, weeks went by and i popped round for my usual hand job but she said it's different today follow me so we went to her room she wanking me off and i felt a hand on my back turned my head my cousin there butt naked mum said you wanted use both and i look at my aunt and said let me f*** her and my aunt sat there as i pounded her 15 year old daughter but the best thing is when there both sat next to eachother sharing my c***.

Dec 21, 2019

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  • That’s f****** dope. I can imagine you pounding both of their p****** till they came and c****** all over them

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