Who knew...

I touched a girl's b*** on a dare at a high school football game while others were holding her down. Who knew she had been raped before and my assault had scarred her even more?

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  • While it's not good to grope someone while they're being held down, it sounds like you know doing it was wrong, and feel worse after learning she'd been raped. At least you're showing remorse for your actions.

    I had a pretty, hot female business associate who I became very, very close with. She and I talked about everything, physically messed around, would hug, little kissing here and there, go to dinner..She was, what many would call, my "work wife". Really was.

    We were at a property one afternoon, doing a walk-through, and for some reason, just one of those stupid, thoughtless things people do..I went behind her and held her arms behind her back, by the wrists. I'd known of her ex-husband, who was much bigger than her, being an a******, but, until I had her like that and she freaked out in fear and near-tears, didn't know he'd once raped her in his work truck, pinning her hands just as I'd held them, tight and behind her back. Once she told me that, I apologized a million times, and felt like a dirtbag for even doing it in the first place.

    She did say it was ok, I didn't know that position or having her arms and hands held behind her back, making her powerless, made her freak out or why. She forgave me in the car on the way back, but I still felt awful. I mean, I'd pulled a stupid-ass move, on someone i cared about, that reminded her of being raped in a work truck by her ex-husband. How stupid was I?

  • If i had pound 4 every p**** ass t*** i touched id b wealthy

  • U are a sick fuckup

  • You were have innocent fun, I guess?!...but you never know what people have gone through, so this was a good lesson for you. Keep your hands to urself and don't disrespect others. Don't listen to the stupid people on here saying you will rot in h*** for that. Just apologize to her, lesson learned.

  • You're the idiot your 'friends' will get to try sucking their d**** because its 'not really' gay s**, or to jump from a height to 'see if it hurts', or...

  • Ya, you're a terrible person.

  • You can't even imagine how emotionally damaging that could be for her. You sound proud. Spend some time thinking about her perspective.

  • youll rot in h*** for it. hope you carry that with you.

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