Who knew...

I touched a girl's b*** on a dare at a high school football game while others were holding her down. Who knew she had been raped before and my assault had scarred her even more?

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  • If i had pound 4 every p**** ass t*** i touched id b wealthy

  • U are a sick fuckup

  • You were have innocent fun, I guess?!...but you never know what people have gone through, so this was a good lesson for you. Keep your hands to urself and don't disrespect others. Don't listen to the stupid people on here saying you will rot in h*** for that. Just apologize to her, lesson learned.

  • You're the idiot your 'friends' will get to try sucking their d**** because its 'not really' gay s**, or to jump from a height to 'see if it hurts', or...

  • Ya, you're a terrible person.

  • You can't even imagine how emotionally damaging that could be for her. You sound proud. Spend some time thinking about her perspective.

  • youll rot in h*** for it. hope you carry that with you.

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