Didn't work out in her favor

My wife and I had our first...Group experience if you will, We attended a concert with another couple, Ended up partying hard and when we got back to the hotel some stuff happened. My wife's friend is pretty hot and had a b*** job 2 years ago, My wife has been trying to convince me she should get hers done but I have not been overly interested in the idea.
After all the awkwardness was kind of swept under the carpet my wife and I were laying in bed and she brought up what had happened which was weird for her but after a little beating around the bush she said "So...******'S b**** are pretty amazing right?", I'll admit that our first time being with another couple was pretty hot and I definitely enjoyed myself and I think she did as well with our friends but I am now less interested in the idea of a b*** job than before. She looks great topless, Wonderful symmetry and overall shape, Size, Firmness and everything is good until she is leaning forward or laying on her back and then I am not real into the way they move and wrinkle.
My wife is still convinced that she wants it done but now more than ever I am against it.

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  • I actually think you've never....f***** anything other than your hand, if you will.

  • Do whatever it takes to make her feel comfortable with her own natural body. Fake t*** are a total turn off, Visually they may look good but that's it.

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