One time doesn't count.

My room mate and I went out and got drunk last Saturday, We are absolute BFF's and have been since 3 years old but that night we took it to a whole different level. We came home and laid on my bed laughing and talking and I changed into my tank top that I usually sleep in, We talked some more and I drifted off to sleep, I woke up and I don't think it was that long after falling asleep but I felt her hand touch my upper chest, I didn't think too much of it as she is always snuggly when we share a bed but then I felt her hand slide down a little to my cleavage and felt her shuffle down, I opened my eyes and she was laying just a bit lower than me and her face was right at b*** height.
I looked down at her and she was staring at my chest and I was thinking "What is going on here?", My left b*** was right there, Just right in front of her face and she reached up, Slid my strap down and pulled my top down so my b*** was exposed, I am 5'3" but have D's and she took a deep breath and sighed, I was thinking "Wait a minute, Is she getting aroused by this" and then she took her hand and ran it across my nip, I have larger areolae and a quite prominent nip so it was like bumping across her fingers as she brushed over it and holy smokes, Sent a wave of tingles up my body and made my nip pop right up.
I am about as straight as straight could be and I love d*** but this was a different sensation, Just as the sensation started to fade I laid there and watched her lean forward and suck my nip into her mouth, I didn't even mean to but I moaned just a little, She looked up and pulled away, Shuffled up and kissed me and we were off to the races. NEVER have I ever even thought about licking a girl but I was all over her, She was all over me and there was like an hour of us just going to town on each other, I had my toes curled so many times I couldn't even keep track and then we were sixty nining and she was lickig my c***, Fingering me and had a finger rubbing the butt hole and I was licking her when I was like "OOOhhh shiiit, What the h*** is this" and I squirted, Not a big one because I clenched and stopped it but she went crazy for it and pushed me beyond clenching and I let it go.
I was like a fountain and moaning and being crazy and then the embarrassment hit me and I bolted for the shower, She joined me and assured me it as all a good thing and that she loved it, We showered because it was alll in her hair and stuff and then laid in her bed and fell asleep.
Now it's been a week and we have been together 3 more times but if I would have stopped after one I feel like it wouldn't have counted but now, This counts, So....I guess I am BI because I absolutely love it but, I also hooked up with a guy last night and loved that so.......

17 days

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