Spying on neighbor using my telescope

I had a good spy session last night. They don't have a single blind or curtain in the whole house. I guess that's because we live out in the country and I'm the only neighbor in about a quarter mile.I'm glad the days are getting shorter. More opportunity to spy on my neighbor with my telescope. It's 125 x magnification is just about the next best thing to being right outside her window peeping on her. The only advantage to that is, I can change my position to get a better view of her if she moves around in the room. Anyway, some nights are better than others. At first, I caught her walking past the line of sight I had through the window. She was naked and I just got a brief glimpse of side b***. I waited a while, my guess is she took a quick shower. Then the bonus b**** round! She came back into the line of sight and walked straight toward the window, giving me a nice long look at her t*** and p****. Then she sat on the edge of the bed so I could only see side b***. She got up and bent down to pick up what I determined to be panties, as I could clearly see by her naked ass and slit as she bent over, she wasn't wearing any. I had been edging before the peeping had started so I would be ready to shoot my load at the appropriate time. This was it. I blew a load all over the floor as she pulled up the panties and turned around so I had a nice view of her t***. Then she rolled back and laid down and the lights went out.

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