How to seduce my sister?

So i am 21yo and my sister is 28yo
She is very hot and has the best massive b**** in the world.
I am very much attracted towards her, i see her naked and m********* i love to fantasize about her.
But i want to take it further, not s** but everything other than s**. She seems interested sometimes but i am not sure one time i touched her at night did a lot of stuff with her, she didn't say anything but in the morning she slapped me and scolded me, Its about 4-5yrs back.
But now i let her watch my b**** through my lower and she actually stares at it.!! Actually STARES. I sent her a d*** pick and then i pretended as if it was sent my mistake, she was okay with it she was laughing and said its cool just see the name before sending and all.
I really wanna seduce her, shat should i do?
I want her to make the first move, i can give as many hints as possible but i want her to make the move and hold my d*** at the night
PLEASE help!!

Jan 1, 2020

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  • Start by being affectionate and flirty towards her. Take her out on dates and go on vacations with her. Give her compliments about how hot she is and you wish you had someone just like her. Why don't you want to have s** with your sister? I don't really understand that.

  • Send her another pic with the message what do you think and then ask for one back.

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