Church widow

Mother put me in a church choir at a young age. The choir was led by a big, sturdy widow, always a bun in her hair and very impressive for a young man like me. I think she was in her late fifties and early sixties when I joined the choir. When I was about 16 years old, I was chosen to sing for Easter in the church. I had to come to the sturdy widow's house twice a week to practice.

The Saturday before Easter she asked my mother if I could come from noon and also stay overnight, so that everything would go perfectly on Sunday.
We indeed practiced all afternoon, not difficult because I had sung the pieces so often.
'In the evening after dinner she already asked me to take a shower and change me and then' freshened up '. The sturdy widow came back into the room, dressed only in a thin dressing gown, a huge smoke eau de toilette, and she sat down on the couch near me. She spoke to me a lot, but I hardly heard her because I only had eyes for her huge b****, which bounced back and forth provocatively a few centimeters as the sturdy widow breathed deeply again.
At a certain point it was quiet and then the sturdy widow unexpectedly grabbed my head and pressed him against her huge b****. I can hardly describe how that felt for a 16-year-old boy, although I was shy and had a bright red head, I enjoyed it to the full. I didn't even notice that her dressing gown had fallen completely open until she asked me to suck her nipples. I got very excited and got a very difficult one. With some uncontrolled crafting, we were both undressed quickly and the sturdy widow pulled me on the couch on top of her. My enormous hardness naturally slipped into her soft, meaty p**** and I started f****** her. I filled her in no time, but kept going because of the enormous excitement that I kept holding.
Later she took me to bed and I f***** her endlessly all night.

The following day during Easter Mass the singing did not go so well because I sometimes forgot the lyrics because I kept thinking about that hot f*** with the sturdy widow every time she looked at me.

I f***** her for many, many years, until one of her cousins ​​visited (she lived in another state) and we both fell in love. The niece arranged through her father work for me in the neighborhood and that was the end of the hot f*** with the sturdy widow.
It must be in the family, because the cousin was also extremely good in bed.

Jan 3, 2020

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  • I've been fu cking the vicar's wife since I was 13. When her husband is doing his rounds, we fu ck on the altar, which is an additional turn-on.

  • Old church going women still like s** a lot, I know.

    Been that, done that (with some of them).

    Man, 36

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