Need advice on this crush ive been having

So i "dated" this guy a few years back. i say "dated" because we werent really ever in an official realitionship. well long story short. i broke it off with him before anything even happened because i became REALLY stressed about.. dating. (i was 13 at the time. too young probs.) i told him some lie about just wanting to be friends. well like 3years later, i still really like him. i always wanted to marry him in the future. thats also one of the reasons why i broke it off in the first place as well, i didnt want to start dating him so early. ANYWAYS i would really want some advice on what to do.. i cant talk to my friends because all of them know him and i dont think i should confess either.. 1. because im quite surtain it wouldnt turn out well. even if he still liked me i doubt hed want to date again. 2. we move into the same school building next monday because our school has mold problems(hes in high school im in secondary school, we have about 1year age difference). so if i confessed it would get pretty awkward seeing eachother everyday.

the thing is, i dont even know why i like him so much. he isnt exactly the most attractive guy out there and he really annoys me sometimes. idk. weve become pretty close over the years and everytime i see him i just want to jump into his arms and want him to hold me. it also feels fun to talk to him you know even if it sometimes makes me a nervous mess.

Jan 2, 2020

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