I know they watch.

I have known for 3 months that my little brother and his friends watch me in my bedroom, I have a room downstairs and I noticed his friends started staying over a lot more often recently. One night after showering I went to my room and toweled off, I was sitting on my bed and in the reflection of the mirror I could see them looking in the window, At first I felt a flood of warmth and I was nervous and scared and aroused all at the same time. I got dressed and went to bed but I laid there and thought about it all night, I don't know how long they have been spying on me but I know for sure at least three of his friends have been involved.
I used to be pretty diligent at closing my blinds but I know for sure there have been occassions where I forgot because I have woken up to a faceful of sun, I don't know how often or how long or how it started but I know for sure they watch me, I actualy went out one night to see what they can see and from the side of the house where my window is the light doesn't reach there so it is quite dark, If my blinds are open at all even just turned facing down you can see a lot in my room which made my heart flutter a little thinking about what they had already seen. I hadn't played with myself in my room up to that point, Just in the shower but boy do I now. As far as my body I wear a C cup comfortably and sometimes even a D depending but best part is they are VERY firm, I think I am built well and am one of the few girls my age happy with my body right now, I am not skinny but I think I have just the amount of...Extra a guy likes and since seeing the attention it gets from my window I have even started flaunting a bit more.
In the past few months I have pretty much quit wearing bras except to school, I only wear thongs which my parents have noticed and mom has commented on...Not happily I might addd and I had to save up for 3 months and get my older sister to buy me a...Toy...Holy they are expensive. My fav is to lay on my bed, Let my towel fall off on it's own as I move around and text, I take pictures all the time but I just delete them because I don't have anyone to send them to...Not that I would but...I softly pinch and pull and tweak my nips, I run my hands up and down my legs, I do more teasing than anything, I have rearranged my room so I can always watch in the mirror, usually I can't see much more than just changes in the shapes outside the window to let me know they are watching but every once in a while I get a glimpse as a car passes by and lights it up a bit or whatever, I always put on a show before turning out the light which usually sends them scattering and I don't know if they are just not smart enough to know I can hear them as they scurry away.
One night I decided to let them see what they have all been wanting I am sure, I was laying face down and usually I do it in a thong but this time I did it right out of the shower in my towel, I knew the bottoms of my cheeks were showing and I playfully liffted my feet and spread my knees making my towel ride up as I watched tv and texted my friends who by the way have no idea what's going on, My heart was about to beat out of my chest as I reached back and pulled my towel up to scrtach my butt and I knew for sure they could see my vag, There was no way they couldn't.
I wanted to just grab my toy and do myself right then but I chickened out and turned off my light before doing it, I think his friends have actually started sneaking out even when they are not staying over to come watch, I spent a few nights doing stuff like that and then....I did it...Ok...Almost, I tossed my towel off and rolled onto my back, I had my feet toward the window and I stretched then sat up, Crossed my legs and sat there with my head down looking up and I could see them, Two for sure, I played with my lips and spread them, I touched my c*** and then sat back on my hands, I arched my back and looked down at my body, I had goose bumps everywhere...So much for shaving my legs or my vag for that matter which I have also started going full bald. I looked at my night table over and over and just couldn't....Chickened out again.
Finally, Last night I worked my way through my inhibitions and spent more time on the set up than the actual show, I downloaded a night vision camera on my phone, Set it up perfectly, Left my window open a crack and went for a shower, I came back and as soon as my door closed I tossed my towel off, I wasted no time and got on the bed, I opened my drawer and pulled out my toy, I licked it and sucked it to get it wet while playing with my nips, I ran it over every inch of my body before getting on my hands and knees which I figured offered the best view of everything, I put my shoulders down and reached back between my thighs and slid it in, I was so wet already it didn't even take any work, I did that for a minute but couldn't hear anything so I turned it off and went...Hands on, I got on my back and got one finger in then went for two and oh man, Then I could hear sounds, I could hear heavy breathing and the sound of them whacking, Rustling and slapping sounds and when I came I heard one voice grunt. I couldn't stop I went for two which is apparently unheard of but I did, I was spreading and rubbing and fingering and after I came I could still hear them whacking outside my window, I heard at least two more voices as they came and then footsteps as they left the window while I laid there with my legs spread just revelling in my o******, After I could move I got dressed and snuck out to get my phone and what do you know???
I have video from like 3 feet away of my brother and two of his friends jerking and one blows his load then stands back and a few minutes later the other two came almost simultaneously in the flower bed I had my phoone hidden in, I took my phone back to my room and played with myself all night watching it over and over, I love watching them come and you can totally see it, My brother and one of his friends have small wieners but the other one who finished last is actually kind of impressive for a skinny guy, Not the one I would have expected to be the biggest, i haven't had one myself but have seen lots...I have the internet and he is actually preetty good sized and only a year younger than me. Who knows, Maybe some day I'll let him have a little extra.

Jan 4, 2020

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  • What a wonderful sister!

  • It wouldn’t be very fair to your brother and the other kid to single out the bigger d***.
    Start inviting your brother to your room after your showers. Ask him his fantasy’s and tell him yours. How you’ve wanted three boys to play with you at the same time.
    It’ll take some time, likely, for him to suggest his two friends and him for the position.
    They’ll tickle your fancy f****, and the rest of your body, too. They’ll work it out amongst themselves who goes first and who does what but in the end, you’ll get what you want and so will the boys.

  • No need for a toy my c*** is yours anytime you like

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